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  1. LOL OMG! I can't take this article seriously XD oh well at least Vietnam people showed them much love c:
  2. i like how this whole bullying thing was completely forgotten.... on netizens, how cute c:
  3. whenever they mention an idol that sleeps a lot... im inclined to think of Jessica from SNSD XD but at least they can get some sleep on the plane
  4. le sigh, to busy for college... kinda dissapointed that she cant get the opportunity to go to college... damn KKS...
  5. le sigh, lucky japanese queens' ;__; i wish T-ara would come to where i live and have a free concert lol
  6. Meat diet wins!! LOL i much prefer meat over fruits... but fruits is cool too... but then again, bacon.. and this is me ranting c:
  7. gaahh, who to vote for... TTS or T-ara... my fanboy heart is in a conundrum ;__;
  8. awwh, kinda dissapointed that Eunjung wont be casted... i wanna see more of her acting
  9. idek... still have mixed feelings about Dani joining T-ara...lol i hope she doesnt have to much trouble with the extremely hectic schedules T-ara has though
  10. i would love to see T-ara be one of the few groups who does "world tours"... even though when they say they gunna be in america its either Cali or New York... sometimes both... never where i live though... sad life.. ;__;
  11. "Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royces and Ferraris." GODDAMN! XD and Hooray for T-ara ^__^
  12. it seemed as though Areum was getting along with Hwayoung the most in my opinion to, and your siggie is hilarious XD
  13. le sigh, my parents will never understand..they see it as a 200 page picture book XD
  14. you know what? this is horrible... this is like exactly what happened to SNSD during the "Black Ocean" where everyone but SONE's turned their glowsticks off and started cheering Wonder Girls during SNSDs performance. But look at SNSD now, they're at the top of Kpop and im sure this will only prove to make T-ara even better and stronger as it did with SNSD.
  15. Anti's still be helping with the views tho... i dont see the point for them to go out of their way to watch a group they dont like tbh....
  16. Sexy eyes sexy nose sexy mouth o___o lol but omg this teaser is like to much.. i cant even... my feels XD
  17. ill admit it... when i first looked at the album cover and photoshoot(?) i though Areum was supposed to be Hwayoung and was like "why does Hwa look so strange??" until i remembered.... ;___; but anyway, i cant way to spend my money on this lol
  18. i just find it kinda funny how she's the b!tch character in most of her drama's and then she said this XD but like, she is correct in what she says, especially the part where what people say on Twitter/SMS shouldn't be used to judge people *clapclapclap* lol
  19. idk.. this seems like both a good but bad idea at the same time.. more of a bad idea imo.
  20. seeing this... my feels.. such mixed emotions lol im happy that Hwa finally spoke up but at the same time it makes me sad to see because she's no longer in T-ara ;___; i just hope Netizens will finally listen but they probably wont.. Gahh Hwayoung T__T i misses herT__T
  21. what i wanna know is what happened to the PD saying she wouldn't leave regardless of the scandal or not.. it seems pretty clear know that she was kicked off because "the scandal would damage the revenue so therefor we should kick Eunjung out and replace her with someone else." he's acting like KKS right now.. he doesn't care as long as he gets money.
  22. well then... sort of good news.. but i still dont know how to feel... Eunjung probably feel terrible right now ;__;
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