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  1. woah what!?!? Eunjung didnt even know about this until now!?!? wow.... thats just wrong... after everything she did for her role they're probably going to kick her out and she hadnt even decide it herself let alone knew about it. this is just to much.
  2. idk to be honest.. i dont want her to be uncasted, but at the same time if she does then she would have less work to worry about..... i just hope that if she does get uncasted, she wont be to hurt by it /: but i find it kinda dumb how Haueundae Lovers and 1000th man didnt mind keeping T-ara, yet Five Fingers is considering replacing Eunjung... kind of rude and stupid in my opinion
  3. I hope she gets better soon not really related but her drama is really good so far and im loving her character, she's so funny lol
  4. omg.. Eunjung looked so sad during the press conference.. i just saw the posts on my tumblr and she just looks to sad... ;__; it hurts my heart mang she put on a smile and everything but still....
  5. *sigh* these reporters man -___- its a press conference for the drama, not an interview on if the Bullying scandals were true...
  6. i think this guy is saying what we're all trying to tell to the people that or bashing T-ara right now...
  7. oh.. my heart... seeing her cry ;____; dont cry Soyeon, we still lubz you http://hyotheleader.tumblr.com/post/29320545461/english-trans-via-chinese-translations-of-soyeons heres a link to Hyotheleader blog with translations. it was translated from chinese to english
  8. omg O__O i had a mini-heart attack just now ;__; and what about the other people??
  9. waah!! Eunjung i lubz youu lol but i dont think that their dramas going to be bad. heck even Soyeons drama got 9% ratings on its first episode and many of the T-Jinyo members ended up watching anyway so im pretty sure EunMins dramas gunna do fine ^__^
  10. ooh, half excited/happy half concerned. hope nothing bad happens to Hyomin
  11. see... they cant resist seeing T-ara... because they lubs them still and is in denial XD
  12. by the way, you can see the entire episode with english subs on Viki.com ^__^ that website subs the episodes pretty fast and if you get adblocker you can watch the entire episode without any breaks lol
  13. and when you present them with the actual proof of the evidence being invalid,they brush it off and say something along the lines of "your a bully for defending those bullies" or "do you really believe this crap? i cant believe you believe this and NOT (Hwayoung/evidence/some other person or thing that apparently proves them right)!!"
  14. regardless of whether or not this person was paid by KKS, his message is absolutely correct. Most of the ex-Queens'/antis dont care if the truth was T-ara never bullied Hwayoung because they've already gathered their minds to the conclusion that all of T-ara, except maybe Qri, are bullies.
  15. thats exactly it. they dont want the truth because they already have their own truth about what happened. they will only be satisfied once they get a confirmation of their truth
  16. and like hugging? your only leading us fans on.. come on now.. what bullies!! XD
  17. http://hieuns.tumblr.com/post/28565853740 this is like.. omg... you guys have to click on it XD
  18. so like.. i just realized that i didnt do the International dating system... for that i am sorry... its just im to used to the American dating system e__e lol
  19. i know! super excited to see Soyeon's acting lol only thing is i have to wait for subs ;__;
  20. [08.05.12] Video - Soyeon's Drama "Haeundae Lovers" Released First Teaser Soyeon's upcoming drama "Haeundae Lovers" has released the first teaser. You can see the teaser embedded below. *** cr: youtube uploader
  21. all i have to say about this is, dafuq is wrong with those people .why do they even need to apologize in the first place? for an unconfirmed issue of bullying? they be annoying
  22. so like.. KKS isnt adding Hwayoung back into T-ara even though she apologized then? confusing o__o
  23. this could go either way... im hoping KKS doesnt make an idiot of himself though...
  24. wow... KKS finally making good decisions... one of the incredibly rare things you will see in your lifetime
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