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  1. it seems as though everyone here has the same feeling towards this announcment... oh well, we should all try and cheer up by like... idk... watching one of T-ara's variety shows lol
  2. omfg i cant watch/interact with anything that involves T-ara anywhere or else this topic is brought up and unlike how its being discussed here, theres just all this hate towards EunJiMin ;_; This website us the only place i can go to for T-ara related things now without seeing all the hate and being at the verge of tears because of how many fans T-ara probably lost because of this incident...
  3. omg your comment XD you dont know how much better that simple comment made me feel... thank you for this comment XD
  4. so far on that one video i linked before there is almost no one that supports T-ara as a whole group anymore i swear.. they're all supporting just Hwayeon and calling the other members pretty hurtful names and saying there against bullyinh (even though there calling T-ara members B*tches) im extremely worried at this point of what will the announcement will be and if its gunna be harmful to T-ara,,.. with this whole twitter mess and whatnot im just extremely scared of what KKS will say about T-ara and i just wanna hope that the announcment will just be like.. changing leaders... *verge of tears because of all the hate Hyomin Eunjung and Jiyeon is getting*
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-hH6XTQLhw omg the amount of hate that T-ara is getting on this video thats apparently "proof of hwayoung being bullied" T____T some guy even called Jiyeon an "Ugly cyclops" TT_TT Edit: and then the same guy calls Eunjung a b**ch....
  6. idk what to think... all i can do at this point is hope that nothing bad will happen ;__; and idk about the tweets.... they didnt seem like bullying at all. it seemed more like playful banter at the worst. omg reading all these comments makes me even more worried.. with people talking about possibly disbanding soon and stuff like that T__T
  7. omg, those pictures though XD and i laughed when she said G-Dragon was a fashionista i just find it funny... and true XD
  8. Dani looks really old in that picture.. idk maybe its just me XD
  9. OMG OMG OMG!! JESSICA!!!.... anyway.. that was fun to read XD
  10. lol, Soyeon scolding fans XD i really wouldnt mind.. i could brag to my friends that Soyeon was talking to me XD and i really do hope that Ahreum and Dani will be able to bond with the other members :3
  11. Why Tumblr.. why did you lie to me about Jiyeon? why did you have to scare me like that T__T XD
  12. if you guys didnt know, Jiyeon wont be performing with them for the comeback stage due to having a nose injury "Jiyeon had a serious (nose) injury and will not be performing for their comeback stage." I dont know how she got it or how bad it is but i do hope its not to serious and will pray for her to get well soon EDIT: TUMBLR LIED TO ME ABOUT JIYEON NOT PERFORMING D: lol
  13. this music video was so far the best Comeback MV released this year in my opinion :3
  14. I WANTS TO SEE!! XD if i only i understood Korean.. then i could watch a livestream and understand everything
  15. im excited for the dance version i wonder how its going to work out though since this isnt really a dance song,,lol
  16. how i wish i could go T__T but, at least well finally have a fanclub name XD
  17. i didnt mind the addition of Hwayoung but i dont really like the idea of making it a 9 member group /: i dont see why T-ara needs to be changed again lol
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