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  1. Okay the fan chants were still good and audible... but I prefer the powerful energetic and enthusiastic fan chants in Inkigayo last Sunday. That's my favorite. Today, it seems like the fans got tired and the fan chants had lower pitch than the Inkigayo fan chants. LOL Or perhaps they were asked to tone it down because it was too loud? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm just comparing. I'm still happy that there are still fans in Korea who would be willing to share their voices to do those fan chants.

    I'm listening to the chant and I'm wondering if the recording just dulled out the fan chant because instead of the fans sounding low pitch it sounds like it has intentionally been tuned out/down. :) I am hoping that T-ara got a loud fan chant like they did in Inkigayo and it sounds like it if it wasn't tuned out/down.

  2. Has anyone even thought that amongst those 30k, a portion of them are likely to be just your average Joe or even antis? The MV in YT is also plagued with them and last time I checked, roughly a third of the like/dislike bar was RED.

    Regardless, the MV and site was bound to gain attention from all sides. Not just the fans.

    But regardless of who went to the site, it still shows that there are people interested in them. Love and Hate is better than no attention because that's when we'll see less of them. Even when the haters come by, they are exposed to the song and it brings along this type of publicity. I think they are ridiculous but they are helping to create more exposure for T-ara. In America, there is a saying, "There is no such thing as bad publicity." ,and I am truly hoping that this whole incident will fade like all things as we focus more on the work the girls produce. Better yet, this has brought on more new fans to help them reach an even higher status in Korea and internationally. The number of haters will fade as it started from baseless rumors anyway, there will still always be haters but the numbers will dwindle and in turn, the exposure has created more awareness about them and their music.

  3. I'm feeling unsure about this report. They are already being bashed by a lot of T-ara fans as well as those who just do not see their actions as professional, why would they admit that they blackmailed her? There could be a high possibility that they did, but I wonder why they would admit to the action. Definitely not smart if you are being investigated by KEMA. Whatever the case may be, I definitely want justice to be served. I want to see action so that everything can be fair to those who got hurt. It isn't right to just let this pass because others will get the same treatment if no one stops it now.

  4. I am extremely disappointed wtih how they approached this. It is quite rude to do this to an actor no matter what, especially when you originally supported her and said you do not believe any of the rumors. Admittedly, they may not believe the rumors and all they care about is the revenue they will get. Like they said, they beieve that the issue revolving around T-ara probably increased their ratings so did they use her to be in the show just to get a base of followers to watch the first episodes and then let her go? It's all speculation but the bottom line is, she was under the impression she was starring in this drama and now this happens.

    I hope that this action will have consequences on this drama. How many of us only wanted to watch this based on Eunjung being on it? I know I'm not going to support the drama anymore because of the underhandedness of their action. If I did, I would feel like I was supporting their action. I hope many others won't watch it too! Please tell me that the Food Support has been halted immediately and that money will go to a special project for Eunjung!

    She must be devasted right now and I hope that those who love her are surrounding her with love and support.

    Forever supporting Eunjung! Hwaiting Eunjung! Hwaiting T-ara!

  5. I think I had the same reaction as many when I read the news earlier. Very sad to see our favorite couple no longer in WGM but I am hoping that they will continue to mention one another or we’ll be able to spot them wearing their bracelets and rings. If it was truly what they both wanted, I will be happy that they got to have all this time together and we were able to witness it.

    I know that they were going to have to end eventually but I was feeling hopeful with the previous episode when Eunjung didn't want to hear Jangwoo's bad news and it only turned out to be about the Camper. Even the MCs didn't want to hear them leaving. It made me feel like we were still going to see them for awhile but now it is official and I do feel that it came a lot sooner due to the T-ara controversy :(

    However, I am wishing them amazing success in their careers! I want Eunjung more than ever to succeed to show the haters what she is capable of despite the harrassment that the programs are getting for having her on. I do believe that I’ll be crying along with them on their last episode. No way they won’t be emotional =(

    Looking forward to watching more of Five Fingers. I already love it! Also cannot wait to see what Jangwoo will do next!!! Woojung couple hwaiting!!

  6. really, I love T-ara, very very much

    but did you ever wonder, why at every press conference they didnt try to clear things up? even for just a little bit?

    all it takes is just 1 mere sentence, "there is no bullying in T-ara" or simply "the reason of hwayoung's departure is not because of 'bullying' ".

    I mean isnt that easy? just say a sentence similar to those and then follow it with a statement to not ask further questions about the recent issues.

    I actually think it would have been counterproductive if they said that because then the media will pounce on that one liner and ask follow up questions. Once you open pandora's box, there's no stopping the consequences. Not only that, I think it was professional of them to avoid personal questions like that at a drama press conference unrelated to T-ara. As it is, the other cast members, the PDs and everyone surrounding the drama have probably been affected due to the scandal such as people refusing to watch the drama if the girls are in it.

    I think when the time comes, they will talk about it but doing it at a press conference for their personal activity is not one of them. Like you said too, the disbelievers will continue to disbelieve even with the girls' statements.

  7. I really hate and despise this kind of comment, especially coming from someone who's indirectly involved with Hwayoung (she's the mother of one of the member of T-Ara, and Hwayoung, until recently, are member of T-Ara).

    Why must she say something like that? "each members are in panic now and somebody(hwayoung) went to Infinite concert when t-ara member hurt at this time". I understand if this kind of comment come from one of those immature 'fans'. but coming from someone like her, being the mom of 'T-Ara', it's like she's one of those people who's trying to put the blame on Hwayoung.

    She was first being shunned by the member (well, the did admit that the tweets are indeed directed to Hwayoung and they regretted it). And now, this coming from the mother of the member. This is not fair for Hwayoung. She was KICKED OUT of T-Ara, and being bad-mouthed by CCM and her former CEO for the whole mess. That's bad enough for her. She's trying to move on with her life, and some delusional people are blaming and hating on her just because she's taking picture with her twin and going to a concert? TELL THAT TO THE CEO for terminating her contract!

    I hope that T-Ara and Hwayoung alike receives just as much love and care from public. Nothing more, nothing less for each of them. If this is a hard period for everyone of them as they claim, then don't put on more pressure and hatred onto them anymore. as the saying goes, "if you want to receive love, you need give some". If the public+people keep hating on Hwayoung, it's no surprise that the other party will be hated too. So be rational, and keep things cool.

    #SupportHwayoung #SupportT-ARA

    I read a translation of the interview and that part about Hwayoung going to the concert wasn't in it. Of course, we are relying on others to translate for us so we cannot always trust the translations to the fullest. I do doubt that the mother would have said that. The part that was translated referring to Hwayoung was as such:

    q: All the T-ara members are hurt right now...

    a: Didn't the company let Hwayoung leave? The kids are all in a state of shock, Hwayoung as well.

    I'm only sharing what I saw. Again, we don't know the Korean language and can only rely on these translations...

  8. I can totally understand where she is coming from. This scandal has not been easy as T-ara has been under the scrutiny of MANY individuals so she wants to do well and to top it off, this is her first drama that she has been eager to star in. Factor in that these girls have truly been workaholic to perform the best that they can, I can see her feeling a burden of her own creation to be at the set. She probably already feels a huge burden because of the scrutiny she has brought to the drama already and does not want to impose anymore.

    KKS may or may not approve of this but I think she has a big part in wanting to go on set too. It's 11PM here and both my boyfriend and I are still working for our separate companies because we feel obligated to get work done when it is being asked of us too and I do not have nearly the same dedication as she does. I really do want her to rest but knowing these girls, they will keep pushing themselves to do their best and put in more than the body can physically handle. :(

  9. watch this guys soyeon crying and she look so sad

    Thanks for sharing. I hope to see subs for that so we can understand what she is discussing. At the same time, going to view it made me see idiotic comments again from the antis. I am looking forward to T-ara comeback and hope that they come back strong and better than ever. It will be a hard road but challenge is nothing new to these girls. I just hope they start feeling happy again. I heard on another site that fans who visited Eunjung's mom's cafe heard from her that Eunjung is losing sleep and weight and is spiritually and mentally down. She has always seem to be the most sensitive to me in the group as well as the most caring so this must be very hard for her.

  10. I am glad to hear that our girls are coming back out in public. I think they also feel a sense of obligation for their drama and want to ensure that they are giving their all to their dramas as well. Hyomin's press conference will give Eunjung's side an idea of what may happen so I hope that both goes off well and smoothly!

    I cannot wait to see them again and watch their dramas! Forever supporting Eunjung and T-ara!

  11. I hope that she has been practicing her responses because she'll probably be bombarded with questions and the reporters will be dissecting her every word including the netizens once they hear her comments. She'll definitely need to be mentally strong that day. I really hate what has been going on and so I hope that this will be a step forward and she'll be safe from hateful comments or actions.

  12. You're possibly right. Usually ppl who are extremely tired. they tend to not want to be bothered and not really care about anything else but being left alone.As an example because it popped into my head the moment I saw your comment. I remember watching IY and people mentioned sunny being the most different off set. she is probably so tired herself that off the camera. she just wants to rest. why stress thinking or being bothered with anything. I can relate to that.

    Sadly, but true. people in general tend to forget all the good and only remember the bad.

    i don't even bother reading allkpop comments anymore. I only at most read the articles to hope for some sort of good coming out of it. It's been a very long time since I've read so much. I barely read when I was going to school. hoping for the girls safety is the best thing we should be wishing for at this point. anything else can wait.

    Glad to see that I am not the only one to notice this and agree about it. I'm exhausted by the end of my work day and I do not come close to the amount of activities and work these girls have to do. I do admit that I get snappier too when I'm tired so I wouldn't be surprised if they get frustrated but seeing the Star Life follow them to their rehearsals and prep for the concert, it does not look like they are being divas and the b word. It looks like they get yelled at if they are not perfect and continue to practice till they satisfy themselves and those watching over them. Eunjung cried over their performance because they looked tired. That's an honest clip of the members and their hard work that we don't see being passed around. Funny you mention IY because I've watched everything I can of these girls and so I recall seeing Sunny mention that Hyomin is shy and to take care of her and Jiyeon is also shy and an introvert. All these girls have their own personality and traits that we do not know about and cannot judge without facts. I do feel sorry for them being under CCM but I don't know how other groups are treated under different management. I just recall Jiyeon on Strong Heart tearing up about a scandal and the irony of it was, her President was the one who started it. Again, there is so much more that we saw through these shows and their performances that these anti-fans choose not to watch or point out.

  13. I'm not surprised the girls are in a terrible state. For us fans who have been following them, we know the hard work and dedication they put into their work. Their schedule is so packed that they hardly get enough sleep. Believe me, when you're exhausted, you do not have time to be bullying. Your mind needs to focus on the work at hand.

    We've been following them so long that I know those who claimed they were fans weren't really fans because they wouldn't believe most of those rumors. They would recall that the girls were always exhausted, but putting the extra mile to get their job done. Refunding the fan club membership fees because they felt bad for their fans long wait and all the other stuff they do for fans. Can you really forget all their good intentions for rumors?

    They always have a camera on them too. There have been so many shows that follow them while they are on their 'free time' which of course is not because they are still filming for the show and following them to their concert. How can you even start bullying someone when you are always being watched? I can understand not being best friends with everybody but to actually bully like the rumors sound ridiculous. Variety shows are known to be ridiculous and create laughs. The more ridiculous you are, the more screen time you will have.

    I am sure KKS was upset that Hwayoung did not go perform and the girls had to scramble to remember the lines. We don't know why she chose not to and I guess that answer may ease some anti-fans. However, being who he is and how he monitors the girls closely (if you recall, he makes them do a video call with him so he can see if their outfits are all in place, although i don't know if he still goes to that extreme) i am sure he was not happy to have her defy him and publicly considering it was at a music show so others would have known she decided not to perform. We do not know how she has been behaving before this nor how the girls were behaving or how their teamwork has played out but it makes me wonder about his announcement in April. Something triggered him to make that statement and add two more girls. If I had to know the truth, I'd like to know what first set him off to make that announcement and decision.

    I'm probably ranting because the fans turned anti-fans annoy me. It makes me wonder if they really were fans to not recall the other stuff that we know about T-ara and continuously make hurtful comments including name calling and telling them to die. Very mature....

  14. With all the clips being taken out of context, why not bring out one of the more recent clips of the girls with Hwayoung at the 2012 Idol Star Olympics where she's fencing and the girls are fanning her and moving a piece of her hair to the side. It looks like the girls are supporting her but let me see, would antis take that out of context and say they were actually pulling her hair and saying mean stuff to her? Honestly people, don't take everything someone says seriously without solid proof. I could totally make up a rumor now and if I make it sound somewhat legit, many antis would believe my negative rumor because sadly enough, they rather believe the negative than the positive. I don't see them showing off this most recent clip of the girls together...

  15. For me the only one to blame here is KKS and the netizens too.

    KKS, for first of all adding new members to the group disrupting their harmony second of all for not managing t-ara pr better i mean mostly all their pr just sucks. lastly for not really clarifying things for us.

    The netizens for blowing this things out of proportions. I mean these would just fly right out of the window and everyone's mind if they just didn't stop bashing t-ara.

    And lastly for hwayoung, this actually became bigger when she and her sister and rapping coach replied to the tweet of the other member but i think though that they already felt that hwayoung will be gone so they made this to make her more victimized than ever.

    anyways i don't condone what t-ara did but i think there's a reason why they did it since for me i don't think they would be stupid enough to risjk their image just for this.

    I had many similar thoughts as you. This grew out of proportion when netizens including those that I have seen asking why? Why? T-ara is bullying Hwayoung! comments. It was ridiculous to even think so and especially the pictures and clips we see coming out now are all taken out of context.

    Secondly, a lot of people have been saying Why Hwayoung? She's innocent, she hasn't done anything? Have you not noticed that she was continuously tweeting away while the other girls kept quiet. That only fueled the netizens more. It was like she was asking for sympathy and its like only hearing her side of the story. We'll never know but I know that the T-ara girls have been in this profession longer and also worked their butts off to get to where they are. They wouldn't be bullying someone so blatantly as everyone is claiming. Anyone who believes it needs to improve their critical thinking. See more than the opinions you read.

  16. That's not evidence though, that's stuff that can look wrong when presented in the wrong context. I saw ALL of those instances in their original context, and not ONCE did I ever think "Hmmm, Hwayoung sure does seem to be getting a lot of flack from the others." This is a case of a few people having entirely too much time on their hands and nitpicking. Just as much evidence can be found to the contrary, like Hyomin and Eunjung helping Hwayoung put her shoes back on after the Thai concert, or Jiyeon feeding Hwayoung during Flower Boys, or Boram playfully messing around with Hwa at the Idol Olympics by gently hitting her umbrella against hers. Yes, that last one is one of the current ones that has everyone up in arms, and it's complete and utter bullsh!t. Do NOT buy into the netizen's bull, they are out for blood and are looking for every last bit of evidence they can to back up their claims while refuting/ignoring everything that shows they may just be grasping at straws. This is NOT me being a delusional fanboy, this is me be calm and rational, and I'm begging you to PLEASE wait it out until the announcement.

    Good job! When people want to see the bad, that's all they can see. Why don't you start pointing out all the times the group have been good to each other or how about when they all tease one another. Would that be considered bullying? I haven't been reading people's comments but when I see an article pop up on my facebook feed it just is so ridiculous that I cannot believe it has gotten to this point. Waiting for people to tell us what the KKS had to say at the press conference now...

  17. We will just have to wait for the news when it comes. Speculating will just make things worse in my opinion. Many times the speculations have been wrong. What I cannot stand right now are the naysayers especially the ones bashing T-ara members who do not even follow them. Reading comments "Oh, i don't really follow T-ara" yet feeling their opinions matter is ridiculous to me and I hate the thought that people will read comments and blogs and believe it as true. T-ara did not just start a few months ago, they have been in the industry for three years. I believe they are smart enough to know what to post on a social site. People are just twisting things around to have news to gossip about.

    I'm staying faithful to the group and will wait to see what unravels.

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