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    Soyeon's fan reacted to raven_potter in [08.05.12] Video - Soyeon's Drama "Haeundae Lovers" Released First Teaser   
    Yay so excited for this drama. Actually, I'm more excited for Soyeon to sing an OST in the drama ist been so long since she had a solo song. wish they would make record one
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    Soyeon's fan reacted to SilverPlume in [12.06.26] T-ara's Soyeon cast in KBS drama "Haeundae Lovers"   
    Aww, my bias is finally getting to star in a drama! I don't think she's the main lead, but I'm anticipating her acting.
    I think I've only ever seen her act in the Bubi Bubi CF-drama that T-ara filmed, and honestly her part made me cry when she cried. And I watched it without subtitles... T_T
    On the other hand, I do hope that she can handle her upcoming busy schedule. T-ara is about to re-start their hectic song promoting cycle for Day by Day, after all.
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    Soyeon's fan reacted to ily_shannon in [CAP] T-ara @ King's Brunch (06/09)   
    [CAP] T-ara @ King's Brunch (06/09)


    CREDIT: Tarawota + Angelic Soyeon + ily_soyeon @ Diadem

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    Soyeon's fan reacted to airlack in [12.05.24] Beyonce's "Single Ladies" choreographer choreographed T-ara's new song "DAY BY DAY"   
    Another great song by t-ara! I just can't wait for the official release. The synthesized flute-like melody as the background of the song with the timing of the beats, its just superb. One thing that CCM does right almost all the time, is the quality of their ballads. And T-ara's voices seem to be the perfect platform for CCM to project the songs.
    most of us should be happy that eunjung's high-notes hitting ability is being shown once again in this song! definitely brings back the side of t-ara that has been missing for quite some time (if its really her voice that i'm hearing).
    hyomin + hwayoung (i think i heard them both) totally nailed the rap!
    soyeon has been promising and reliable as always in ballads like these.
    and i think jiyeon was given a verse or something? while there was like some sort of fillers in between choruses and verses which sounded like whispers of sorts, which should be done by boram and qri?
    anyway... all these might not be that important since the end product is really goooooooooood!
    Queen's, get ready for another all-kill by T-ara!
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    Soyeon's fan got a reaction from jyuanzhe in [12.04.18] Quick News - Hyomin/Soyeon/Eunjung not appearing in "Roly-Poly 2" musical anymore   
    oh,at first time I'm very sad about this but think back,I'm very glad. They can focus on new album without sickness and tiredness.
    I really don't want to hear any badnews.
    Fighting unnie!! T-ara daebak !!!
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