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  1. wow~this is so nice i wish i had this poster of them they all look so gorgeous
  2. wow~the outfit is really sexy ,that's because their song is sexy love Boram and Qri are so gogeous
  3. Mahsa

    Jeju 8

  4. aish why it became like this....i hope peace will come to the group...i want to see them as a group that are happy....i wish for a chance that hwayoung can comeback to the group :'(
  5. ah no....i'm so sadright now....this was a bad decision ...they cannot find a better rapper than hwayoung....i wish i could see hwayoung in t-ara forever :'(
  6. Wow...She's Just Perfect......Qri is Pretty I Love everything From these two Selca
  7. I'm Sure she can do it......she looks like an talented actress and i also like to see her as an actress too
  8. Aw she's so adorable....she deserved to join T-Ara....because she's awesome.....wow i hope she can make her dreams come true....like she said it on this article
  9. wow she's so young but So talented.....Dani we will support you i remember those times that Jiyeon was the maknae
  10. Wow~~~Cannot wait....another great hit by T-Ara is near.....i wish time would pass so quickly
  11. Wow T-Ara Fighting i wish i could participate on their concert.....Someday i'll come to your concert
  12. If i get the chance,I'll buy a dress from G-Market
  13. Aw I'm Eunjung Eonnie Lover <3

  14. Ayyy It would be amazing that i can attend to your concert someday I wish you sell even more
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