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  1. Ever wanted to create your own Dream Girlfriend?【InviteID】718864364063【Official Website】 https://t.co/zOhBwiBFb6 #dreamgf

  2. tak ada black ocean di DC 2013 min,setau ai RT @soal_KPOP: MinD nemu pict black ocean yang terjadi di Dream Concert *Don't fanwar*

  3. sexy Hwayoung Just Sexy.damn,She's a true Idol now :3
  4. Well,Its good to hear that,Areum can rapping too? maybe its her another skill.Remember,Areum & Danee now Are Part Of T-ara too,thats mean we should not bash them,If we are a true QUEEN'S,Then we should Support T-ara No matter what happened.Another Thing,we couldnt wish for 'its better to stay with 7 members' anymore,because its too late.
  5. Hyomin Hwayoung Qri Areum Looks very sexy While Eunjung look simply a goddess,Jiyeon with that fierce expression.Soyeon and Boram? Too cute to resist :3
  6. ah,i don't care anymore.do what you want kks,i'm too tired by your actions
  7. Survey Lokasi SSINA itumah nampaknya min :3 RT @KoreanWaveINA: Josep Hwang itu sahabat dekatnya Siwon, In Young dan Josep ke Jakarta katanya

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