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    i am so interested about kpop singers and actors most especially with t-ara,, :-)
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  1. ahahahah! just want to laugh on those haters! why apology?,,t-ara including hwayoung deserves love not hate! there's no bullying at all,,i can still remember when eunjung and hyomin helped hwayoung during a particular concert when hwa left her shoes on stage..little things counts but for negative people,,mistakes and rumors have the most gravity on their mind...so why would t-ara and sebakwi should mind those bitter people??? LOL to them,,life goes on,,they should not dwell on what the haters believe what they are.numbers of fans doesn't matter,,what's important is,,THERE'S STILL MANY PEOPLE NOT EVEN FANS WHO LOVE THEM AND WILL STILL WATCH THEM.
  2. wow she's ike a doll! hope she'll have her bangs show her forehead next time so we'll also see her more beautiful face..:-)
  3. why is it hwayoung and eunjung has the same hairstyle,,when one is curl,,the other one was curled too...they have the same face with a quick look,,,but still wondering why their managers and stylists allow such similarities? heheh...anyway they're both pretty!
  4. point of this concert? of course to give entertainment to the Thai fans and a way of thanking the fans for supporting them ..obviously Thais were very pleased with T-ARA's visit....let's be appreciative on this...you don't know until you get there on their own "shoe"...if effort is an issue,,,i don't think that they didn't put an effort....that performance definitely a proof of their effort! good job T-ARA! LONG LIVE! :-) ...in addition...some of us haven't seen the full concert performance ..so we cannot just say that they have not put any effort...!
  5. ooooh wow... they're all pretty even without any make-up! (but didn't see jiyeon and qri's bcause they're wearing shades)...i love their skin!....and where's soyeon?
  6. milka

    [PIC] T-ara

    oh why? why so young? ahm i don't understand....and why 9 members? ...tsk tsk tsk...hope for the best!
  7. haha I was thinking at first when suddenly my eyes went down and seen the "note"...heheh..I thought my pc's sound card was broke....thanks for that vid :-)
  8. what does others like qri said in thai?...I only know what eunjung and jiyeon said in thai,,how bout translations of other member's message in thai?..just curious..heheh...
  9. hahah i love it!!! super like the vids of eunjung and jiyeon! cuteness!!!!
  10. wow this is a good event! i'm thankful they're busy these days coz i got to see them more and more!
  11. wow! so many fans and most especially male fans woah! hope they'll be able to visit some asian countries more!
  12. oh I noticed that too.....she seems to be sad,,,and haven't seen her updating her twitter.... ...but she's so pretty there! very pretty.... :-)
  13. yah i noticed too..where's hyomin?...they look so tired! happy lookin with the pics especially eunjung and jiyeon! :-)
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