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  1. @SonexStella what is she referring to?

  2. #7YearsWithT_ARA 7주년! 티아라 사랑해!! 영원히 함께 가자!!! @pjy1234 @taraeunjung1212 @sohotmelody @BoRam_0322 @b89530

  3. Happy Birthday Jessica!! :) #FlywithJessica

  4. SYF, running of EXCO, tests, practicals, help friends emotionally, coping with new school, no shut down 3 mths & fever for a week. JC life.

  5. Strolling in the rain

  6. Sudden urge to eat 떡볶이

  7. Where else do you see such fan service?! Feeding their fans that came early to see them.

  8. Queen of KPOP is back.

  9. Eyes are the windows to your soul. That's how i read your book.

  10. Using the rain to hide my tears..

    Can we also do that with all our memories?

  11. When someone has nothing to do, he or she will start to think about unnecessary things

  12. 你那么爱她为什么不把她留下



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