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  1. PRETTY, CUTE & ELEGANT at the same time!!!! (that's t-ara for you) T-ARA DAEBAK!!!
  2. WOW!!! really amazing pictures....!!! they're really pretty, can't get enough of them!!!
  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! really pretty and cute... (that is all what i can say)
  4. OMG!!! they're so pretty... !!!! When will be the photobook released?
  5. this is really awesome news, has anyone got an idea when this will be released?
  6. I really hope there would be a positive outcome of this... anyway, I'm really going to stay tuned about this topic...
  7. I'm really happy that it's all been cleared up now, I now hope that the controversy about this would stop now...
  8. that's kinda sad .... but on the bright side they can now concentrate on their music careers and show a more daebak stage for all of us fans.... ))))))))))
  9. Aww, that's so kind of them they really are not just girls w/ pretty faces and talent but also with big hearts...
  10. their company adding members is really controversial... and the 2 members they're going to add should really be good since they were saying that it's for the betterment of the group and to try entering a more upscale market... Anyway, T-ara is DAEBAK!!!
  11. very pretty indeed!!! very fashionable airport fashion... ))) T-ARA DAEBAK!!!
  12. Wow!!! they're really pretty... T-ARA HWAITING ^^ and by the way thanks for sharing... ^^
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