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  1. Hmmm. Tbh, i miss jiyeon as an actress. But, oh well this will be interesting. I know they would do well.
  2. I love this interview so much! I really want to see her act in musical so I wonder where can i view it. Do any of you knows where? Fighting rambo unnie! Fighting t-ara! More power!
  3. Omg no. My heart. omg. >.< hahha i don't know i'm breaking yet i'm happy for them! Pls Oh Junghyuk-oppa, take care of my soyeon! don't you dare cheat on her! and wow 1000 days + already! just wow. ssyo nice way to keep it from fans. but you know, i was hoping a word from them rather than ssyo's agency. hahaha I'm so happy yet jelly to the max. So it all started in that eating long pocky-like biscuit then followed by boquet and then boom, love blossoms. omg. omg just wow. hahha Congrats park ssyo! I'm wishing you a happy life with that man. But 1 thing i'm afraid of, what if, just what if, and hopefully not. Oh junghyuk-oppa have a crazy fangirls. I'm afraid what will happen to park ssyo. So just be sure oppa to take good care of my beloved queen!
  4. Oh God, heavy rains are pouring down right now but here are my girls replacing the coldness to hotness! Gosh the most awaited comeback is here! I can't wait!
  5. I wish them more success. More love. More of confidence. More of fighting Spirit. More of happiness. I just love this girls so much. But i laughed at the answer of eunjung regarding the 5 yr crisis. Yeah, it is a bit too early lol XD
  6. I love their way of thinking here. Yeah you are right there, my girls. If you are worrying too much of these things nothing will happen. Go girls! i know you can make it . As long as you enjoy your work then it's fine right?
  7. hahahah i think our baby dino is improving in her doodle skills! > and darn the caps of ssyo makes my nose bleed XD
  8. Well.the title is ok to me but i believe there could hv been much better. And yeah, the first thing i also noticed s boram`s. But if i cn recall she does hv those bt nt tht large xD Waiting for thisss
  9. Haha minnie is so gorgeous and sexy in her first pic while in her 2nd her forehead is sparklingggg xD
  10. Haha hyomin is caught off guard. She is so shocked xD And my ssyo is just so prettyyyyy
  11. wow. a great bday gift for meeee hahah. im so glad to.hear this.
  12. I have been waiting for this for years already XD okay, i'm being too exaggerated here, sorry, I'm just so excited
  13. i hope no one will join again..ccm should stop adding and then kick them out... poor kids >_<
  14. congrats qri. so the passing of the crown happened in a concert. haha though i dont think it is the best time to pass it bec areum just left the grp. but thinking about the less controversial one, i think she is good enough in the position than ji. i really want to see how she will manage t-ara. im sure she'll just idgaf, in a good way. oki? xD
  15. omg the unnies!!! hahaha I have been waiting for this! XD wait... wonder if Qri will be revealed soon as T-ara's new leader? XD
  16. wow... i love how eunjung project in the cam... i really like her cool aura! :3
  17. Wow, the rhythm is getting on me! but i miss my ssyo so badly. I want to see her in that outfit again >.<
  18. i like their concept!!! But i wonder where are the unnies? XD i'm missin them!
  19. March 25 2013! I got Soyeon's solo and sub unit song in banisuta! and Soyeon and Jiyeon card! My top two bias!!! :')

  20. Banisuta~~♪♪ Soyeon Bunny Style~~

  21. well, i like the fairy-like concept too, but the bunny seems like bo beep to me. But they are t-ara so they can surprise you :') I'm really looking forward to seeing their banisuta!!! btw, if that's your opinion then i can't do anything, but Please watch your wordings.
  22. I'm a little confused to that freebies, if you preorder now, you can get a random card or photo (whether you purchase it to any online store?) but i thought the posters, the other freebies like autographed shopping bag and the special dvd are for japanese fans only?
  23. ~~Forever Queen's and will be forever soyeon's lover XD~~

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