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  1. Omg no. My heart. omg. >.<

    hahha i don't know i'm breaking yet i'm happy for them!

    Pls Oh Junghyuk-oppa, take care of my soyeon! don't you dare cheat on her!

    and wow 1000 days + already! just wow. ssyo nice way to keep it from fans.

    but you know, i was hoping a word from them rather than ssyo's agency. hahaha

    I'm so happy yet jelly to the max.

    So it all started in that eating long pocky-like biscuit then followed by boquet and then boom, love blossoms. omg. omg just wow. hahha

    Congrats park ssyo! I'm wishing you a happy life with that man. :)

    But 1 thing i'm afraid of, what if, just what if, and hopefully not. Oh junghyuk-oppa have a crazy fangirls. I'm afraid what will happen to park ssyo. So just be sure oppa to take good care of my beloved queen!

  2. And to add to that. If u preorder now you get a random promo photo just like their previous Japanese single but if you order through the hmv store you get a random b2 size poster. of course while supplies last. I think to get the special DVD you have to fill out some form within the cd plus there are contests where u can win an alarm clock, autographed shopping bag and file folders.

    I'm a little confused to that freebies, if you preorder now, you can get a random card or photo (whether you purchase it to any online store?) but i thought the posters, the other freebies like autographed shopping bag and the special dvd are for japanese fans only?

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