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  1. haha Soyeon atmosphere is just like a boss! XD well, she is indeed a boss anyway! Idk, I actually have mixed emotions after seeing this. I actually smile seeing how cute they can be even sleeping, at the same time, feel pity on how busy are they. anyway, fighting t-ara! btw, i love the sitting arrangement EunMinYeon RamSsyoRi
  2. kuriya17


    I'm so happy to see my ssyo, but... errmmm, she really looks like she is feeling so cold, hope she will get well soon more! and good to see that qri seems doing fine...? T-ara is really a strong group of girls! I'll definitely be strong too! Fighting!
  3. daebak!!! T-ara on french TV!!! and, wow!! ssyo voice is really amazing, an angelic voice for real
  4. yey!!!! my ssyo is back!!!!!!!!! i can feel her presence again!!! hope she is fine already!
  5. well... i think, it is a good decision since we know, KKS enjoys making our girls suffers so much >.< so if she will take up school, her life will be super duper busy already. but i hope she's okay with it, college being postponed... hmm, and "acting career?" well, i do hope to see her act again next year XD
  6. lol, i was like... "Why hyoyoung so small? her height is just almost the same as hwa" and then i came to remember that dani is really tall, trololol anyway, waiting for this drama
  7. this girl is really lucky,haha. To be a part of T-ara and an immediate acting debut! To think that even ssyo just debuted in acting this year as well... o.0 ok... now I will really give this a shot, hope this is a great drama. Well, i love high school stories anyway, Go Dani and Hyoyoung!
  8. be strong Qri unnie... Queen's and all the members of T-ara is still there for you... fighting!!!!
  9. oh God... i hope soyeon is okay.... I'm so worried already....
  10. so sexy.... and gosh, Jiyeon's bangs!!! she is sooooo cute!!!! I miss that style!!! XD but i can't see any pics of ssyo...i wonder where is she??? o.0
  11. hahah i love meats, should i go do meat diet as well? XD but i love fruits as well, hahaha
  12. so, there is no drama for eunjung, as she said so i think it will be better since they are sooooo busy!
  13. wtf is happening? awhile ago i just read she is offered to cast here and now, not? SBS, wtf is your plan? don't hurt my jungie again
  14. if Eunjung will be removed from this casting as well, i swear, i'll definitely want to destroy SBS already, trololol for sure 5 fingers PD is really regretting that she removed such great and hard working actress
  15. well... i'm expecting alot from you dani-ah XD congrats to t-ara for the award! XD
  16. hmmm.... this is getting my curiosity up... i wander what will they confess!!!!! and that scandal again :|...
  17. hmm, am i the only one thinking that she is more suited in 5 dolls than T-ara? XD and i think, due to busy sched of t-ara, she is mostly seen with 5 dolls...
  18. aw it is being removed by the user...? o.0 any other links? XD ty
  19. I can't decide whether to ship SoRi or T & J...I'm also a EunYeon supporter... but i love the Yeon sisters more! and they are my bias! XD

    1. xninix


      same here ;( but then i think i love SoRi more nowadays...almost giving up convincing myself to love T&J >< Wow omg your interests are almost the same as mine, EunJi supporter and love SoJi the sisters!! ahhhhh wae?!

    2. kuriya17


      haha daebak! we have the same interest ^__^

  20. omg movie!!! + photobook+music!!! argh i want to grab this!!! >.< Park ssyo~~~
  21. daebak my queens!!! this is one of the reason that i admire them and love them! they keep on helping!!! fighting t-ara!!!
  22. thanks for uploading!!!! wahaha Happy birthday soyeon!!! but soyeon age is 26 right? in korea? o.0
  23. go girl... but sue alone will not compensate to what they have done against you... you should better win this my dear, they should really go down to where they deserve to be. fighting eunjung!
  24. Soyeon and jiyeon biased :3

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