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  1. oh,this is going to be tough i really hope the show will clarify the incidents :/
  2. i hope,by doing this,will not lead to another controversy lets just hope for the best for eunjung
  3. OMG its live not prerecorded O_O well done my girls you guys brought a smile to my face
  4. for their first public appearance after the "incident" its not as bad as it sounds think positive guys T-ara fightingg!!
  5. omg! qri cut her hair short!,cant wait for their comback! definitely will buy their repackage album btw i HATE that second photo its like a portrayed of them being controlled by KKS *humpf* lol
  6. soo this is just a rumor,right?? do you have the actual article of this statement?? thanks mate ^^
  7. i gotta a feeling this is just a false rumor,nothing else but i could be wrong............ just hope for the best for eunjung
  8. guys im soooo confused. so she's still in the drama or not ?? its so strange that Haueundae Lovers and 1000th man didnt mind keeping soyeon and hyomin
  9. this time,i agree with KKS, KKS should teach that little kid a lesson lol
  10. this isnt happening right ??? right??? i dont know what to say T.T im still confused what is the real reason her contract got terminated????
  11. woah, eunjung with tattoo i just realized, the tattoo artist is "namja" must be very awkward for eunjung lol
  12. eunjung ahhh~ dat gaze 02:39 will there be an eng sub? if so,cant wait
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