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  1. Jiyeon's wink at 1:45 to 1:46. I melted. <3 /spazzing/
  2. I thought T-ara will be making their comeback on MuBank. What happened? v______v
  3. so... I'm confused. Just 2 hrs ago, they said that Eunjung decided to leave the drama then an hour ago, they said it was because of the PPL something then now CCM stated that Eunjung didn't volunteer to exit the drama. What's the truth? :/ I still want Eunjung to be part of that drama.
  4. is it me or Eunjung lost some weight? :/ even at the press con of Hyomin, she looks like she lost some weight. anyways,, stay strong Eunjung and the rest of T-ara members. We will support you no matter what happen. T-ara Fighting! Eunjung Fighting! Five Fingers Fighting!
  5. What happened to her?? Get well soon Jiyeonnie~ Park Jiyeon! Fighting!
  6. Thank you for sharing~ ^^ Day By Day Hwaiting! T-ARA HWAITING~!
  7. I'm excited~~ ^^ I can't wait anymore >< Soyeon hwaiting!!!
  8. 1 week left!! I can't wait anymore**

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