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  1. Sigh, those sad netizens who got nothing better to do then to hate and judge people with a double standard.
  2. A second chance for Soyeon for her acting career. Hope she gets it... read that she might be casted for a role as an agent alongside Lee Joon.
  3. Not much cheer coming from the crowd. Looks quite dead as though they are just watching from the TV. le sigh
  4. smh at the apparent lack of security and discipline. Don't the fans think that their actions would lower the prospects of T-ara returning back there for more activities in the future.
  5. Sigh... those antis trying to make tara look bad need to get a life... makes me wonder if their purpose in life is to bring people down so that they could feel better about their miserable life.
  6. Thanks for sharing, wish there were longer videos of these though
  7. Sounds like they are going to continue to top charts with this song
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