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  1. Oh by the way, my Chritmas gifts are @EunChanNet & Falling-U calendar & the BluRay version of Budokan Concert but still not received yet...

  2. "@YuuloveKan: Regarde derrière, tu es déçu par le passeé. Regarde devant, tu es prêt pour affronter l'avenir ^^b" [corrected typo]

  3. Hard and tired but i am doing it for my angel so all this disappears when i think about her. Faith in you Hahm EunJung.

  4. This man drives like crazy!

  5. Listening to YangPa and missing 티아라... Any logic?

  6. Queen's vote now!! and anytime you can, from computer or phone i don't care just vote http://t.co/rP2fSPKV

  7. I can now be happy. @Hamki_TmT @EunChanNet @taraeunjung1212 진짜 고마워. 함은정 사랑해요... 보고싶다.

  8. There are tons under the blanket... Here we go!! http://t.co/N9rv2qdv

  9. Eunjung <3 "@Innocent_Kidd PD Lee TaeHun talks about Eunjung [TRANS] -Although there is some worry but the actress who http://t.co/76PbAcLQ"

  10. Queen's today is D-day 1. Order should be shipped out. Best of best (3versions) + Paris/Swiss photobook =D

  11. Dying at Falling-U >.< is staff there EunJung and HyoMin stans? My paradise... <3

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