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  1. Kim kwang soo's ridiculus acts are just crazy. First he kicks hwayoung out, and then makes up a story about her wrong-doings and now he's saying he'll let her rejoin...
  2. SBS is one of the major players here. If they outcast T-ara, MBC would most likely follow as well.
  3. I wonder if anything they said was true. Those cover-ups they use don't sound very convincing.
  4. Hey cool, jiyeon was at the meeting too. Didn't she injure her nose?
  5. She seems too young for this, but then again there are some other stars who started at that age.
  6. In my opinion I don't really like her, but her rap was pretty good, so its all good.
  7. Are these videos going to be subbed from this forum?
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