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  1. omg i think im gonna die from their cuteness, fsdhfkjshdff and the whole slow motion effect ahh they're so adorable omg. i can't wait till eunjung's come out >__<
  2. omg im in love w/ their voices TT__________TT all of the songs sound really good especially TTL omfg srsly their voices are like ugh
  3. omgggggggg this picture DDD; , they all look so gorgeous omg i can't even ugh love jiyeon's outfit btw >___< thanks for sharing :DD
  4. omg they're all so gorgeouss D; jiyeon's pose is so adorable~ eunjung and hyomin is sooo cute and qri and her hair is like so pretty thanks for sharing
  5. even though the video is so poorly made i still like it, cause it's like .. t-ara.. ;D and they're so freaking cutee, especially during the ending omg plus boram finally has some more lines and screen time ^o^ aghhjkd hsjfsjfk they are all seriously so adorable omg
  6. they look sooo cute in this, thanks for sharing ^^
  7. wooow omg they are all so beautiful omg D; and i like their outfits too bleeh i need this photobook TT_________TT thanks for sharing ^o^
  8. omgggggggggggg they're all so gorgeous aksljdsfdg TT_____________TT and it's so hq omg. thanks for sharing >__<
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