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  1. RT @Iaurdreyfuss: my aunt read online that a golden retriever’s mouth is so gentle they can hold an egg in their mouth without cracking it…

  2. RT @memeprovider: https://t.co/0cb6pbwRBZ

  3. RT @_ihateyall: Um how's he supposed to get a drivers license Patty?? https://t.co/XDv2jEnkyZ

  4. I feel like farting inhaling it again so that i can handle xxxx better in the future... #Breathe

  5. RT @Lord6th: This man brought his Sharingan to the dodgeball tournament ? https://t.co/XfP68WdgzI

  6. RT @FreeMemesKids: https://t.co/4UcJ8dd8Db

  7. RT @_Stan973: Sometimes I Make Sound Effects To Make My Girlfriend Walk Like Squidward ? https://t.co/PSAOxWXBqX

  8. RT @BigSean: ?? DOUBLE OR NOTHING ?? Out Now on All Platforms @MetroBoomin https://t.co/3trxs426Sf

  9. RT @lifeofdaddy: Yeah sex is cool but have you ever closed 15 tabs after finishing a project

  10. RT @annebowers_: 35. https://t.co/KJkg1wIFLC

  11. RT @FreeMemesKids: I CANT BREATHE ??? https://t.co/DvHarBMUl9

  12. RT @HoesBible: This is dope for no reason https://t.co/azWqlc7T4M

  13. RT @BabyAnimalPics: Open for 4 surprises https://t.co/CCOeFU35cU

  14. RT @TanookiKuribo: Hey so uh... I found an old CD I burned back in 2006 and it had the Evangelion opening but with Mario Paint music. http…

  15. RT @FreeMemesKids: ??? https://t.co/BwhbzTXyX0

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