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  1. Aww.. We Queens fell the same way as Hwayoung feels.. Those haters used the situation to bring down T-ara.. I hope Eunjung cheers up after reads that Tweet because Hwayoung, and us, are all worried.. I still hope for the best for T-ara, FIGHTING~
  2. I don't know what to say.. I hope it's not final.. A part of me just died right now.. :\
  3. Is the girl beside Hyomin, Areum? She looked different here compared to the Day by Day concept photos.. P.S. Eunjung is really perfect~ ♥
  4. It was very hard for me to accept the addition of one member (Hwayoung), but now that I finally accepted and loved Hwayoung there is another addition?! But this time, its not only one, its two! How am I suppose to easily accept them.. I guess I need a lot of time again before accepting the fact that T-ara is not gonna be a 7-member group.. But still, I'll be always supporting T-ara and hope for the best!
  5. All is perfect! Pearl Version is so cute! 7-ara Fighting~
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