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  1. I hope there will be english subs... I want to watch the one with subs immediately:(
  2. I hear gangnam style almost everyday..lol

  3. Why do I feel so bad?😔😣😟

  4. I want Confession of T-ara eng sub!!!😲😵

  5. My heart never feel at ease whenever they're home. I wish I have my own private life.

  6. My earphone's broken😭

  7. Sometimes, revenge could be the way for you to run forward your goal..

  8. Baby can't you see that look in my eyes.

  9. T-Ara“@all_aboutkorean: #pickone T-Ara / Secret / 4minute”

  10. People who treats me well, i treat them well. People who annoys me, I annoy them back!!!

  11. what does the tweet mean?“@czakins: OMG @wkw004: "why deleted it qri onni ? Sorry but I captured it http://t.co/KsmsDcVq"”

  12. Sexy eyes sexy nose sexy mouth don't you know.. Nega jeongmal sexy♥

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