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  1. I wonder how tired they are seems like their schedule is crazy packed.
  2. I like watching them acting T_T but I guess I want to more songs for my Ipod also XD.
  3. Omg i really want to go there now XD seems like a great place.
  4. Yay yay japanese album T-ara in japanese make me love them more.
  5. I really hope they dont replace the originals T_T they are what make T-ara T-ara
  6. T-ara thanks for caring about others and its so beautiful
  7. I dont think the new members will be rememerable T_T I hope this doesnt affect T-ara in a negative way.
  8. I wish I could get their signed cd *asks sister to want to buy stuff from them*
  9. There is a roly poly 2? is there any where I can watch roly poly 1 subbed?
  10. This new girl group seems interesting but holy crap 10 billion won insurance o.O that crazy.
  11. Omg I cant wait to watch this I get to learn more about the members
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