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  1. I wonder how tired they are seems like their schedule is crazy packed.
  2. I like watching them acting T_T but I guess I want to more songs for my Ipod also XD.
  3. Omg i really want to go there now XD seems like a great place.
  4. Yay yay japanese album T-ara in japanese make me love them more.
  5. I really hope they dont replace the originals T_T they are what make T-ara T-ara
  6. T-ara thanks for caring about others and its so beautiful
  7. I dont think the new members will be rememerable T_T I hope this doesnt affect T-ara in a negative way.
  8. I wish I could get their signed cd *asks sister to want to buy stuff from them*
  9. There is a roly poly 2? is there any where I can watch roly poly 1 subbed?
  10. This new girl group seems interesting but holy crap 10 billion won insurance o.O that crazy.
  11. Omg I cant wait to watch this I get to learn more about the members
  12. Ugh I don't like how they getting larger as a group T_T I like it better when they have the original stage presense feels better.
  13. Jiyeon get your rest so you stay beautiful always XD.
  14. I want to see Jiyeon with these animals i bet it will make her look even cuter XD.
  15. I hope this means I get to see more of eunjung's and jiyeon's acting .
  16. Oh my gosh i wish I could participate in this don't know how to post on their website though T_T
  17. I hope they this really will make them stronger because when theres too many members it usually doesnt go so great.
  18. After seeing her acting of crying thinking about her really crying makes me sad T_T
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