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  1. totally nice to know that. for sure they suffer a LOT. everyone will feel the same if they are in their shoes. looking forward for a +ve result.
  2. yeay!! the love is still GREATER than hate.. <3 <3 spread the love~ :D sorry haters for disappointing you.. :')
  3. i am so freakin jealous with Sweet Treasure hope they will have a good time there.. lucky Sweet treasure!
  4. OMG!! hope they will come to Malaysia again!! start to save money!! myQueens always wait for u girls~! :3
  5. it is good for KEMA take this kind of action to protect her as a actor.. this might another way to prevent this kind of situation from happening again in the future.. but, if Eunjung choose this way.. i respect her decision.. she such a kind-hearted person! good role model for me.. forgive and forget.
  6. KKS should give them special treatment... they look soo tired! non-stop schedule even after what happen.. KKS really treat them like a robot.. -.-"
  7. the hallyu wave surely HUGE!! haha. glad to know that t-ara is a well-known kpop out there! it is DAEBAKK!! surely an international group!
  8. hmm.. it looks like another busy hettic schedule for t-ara again.. -.-" what was KKS thinking??!! pls give her chance to persude her studies.. education is also important KKS..
  9. Why r u being like this?

  10. looking foward for this upcoming Danee's debut drama! hyo remind me of hwa.. i miss her.. T-T and this drama remind me of Jiyeon's drama God Of Study~ DANI! FIGHTING! =)
  11. Rest In Peace. R.I.P hope she will be okay.. stay strong sis! :'(
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