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  1. OMO ! Qri looks total gorgeous ! & it's fun to see our girls having fun during the MV making hehe .. Thanks for sharing !
  2. wow that's a lot of pics~ haha! Jiyeon ~~ omg im so looking forward to this thanks for sharing !!
  3. The way KKS handle the problem is making me speechless .. She did'nt even give an true and clear explanation on this .. T-ara seems to be .. different for me now.. haiz.. Hope Hwayoung be strong and I'm gonna continue support her ..
  4. Wow, Bo Peep Bo Peep in red?? That was so cuteee~~ How I wish it will show on tv T.T I miss that performance ~~
  5. Ouu, so the 1st and 2nd page of the album which 6 girls wearing yellow are originally like that? The background seems a little bit, err, dirty .. I thought mine got problem or what, haha~
  6. Wow, T-ara in 3D? That is awesome~ But, will it be on tv? lol~ Bo peep is coming back xD thanks for sharing =)
  7. Ahh, those stuff are so lucky~ They had what I wish to have, xD Jiyeon is super cute in this picture, thanks for sharing
  8. Xion


    Man, i really like this picture.. Her face looks gorgeous!!! Totally fall for her now =)
  9. Soyeon!!! Hope she fully recover from H1N1 .. We love you!!!! Fighting!!
  10. Wow wow .. Thanks for the caps =D Eunjung unnie so cute when she did the Bo Peep Bo Peep dance Boram unnie got no sound, Hyomin keep laughing at her when she tried to talk, hahaha~
  11. Boram unnie is so so so cute in this episode .. Her room is kinda messy somehow~~ I like Hyomin & Jiyeon's room so much, HAHA =p Thanks for sharing those pictures ^^
  12. Wow, thanks for the HQ pictures! Hee~ Jiyeon is soo pretty
  13. They all look gorgeous!! Ahh~ Eunjung Thanks for sharing
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