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  1. LOL Jiyeon's pose is the best! And Boram's eyes are amazing @_@ So beautiful!
  2. Wooow! I'm so happy they're helping out. I wish I could volunteer in Korea but I don't even know Korean And that picture of Boram is beautifullllll!
  3. Oh wow they look really tired. I hope they get more rest in between their schedules
  4. Soyeon isn't there D: But I like the concepts! They're really pretty but it wouldn't been better with Soyeon altogether
  5. The quality is so gooooood! They all look so beautiful and I'm glad they have the opportunity to do something like that despite their busy schedule
  6. Qri and Jiyeon D: But Hyomin's hair looks really cool! It's so awesome that they get to visit Italy
  7. So cute! I'm glad she's smiling in the pictures even though it looks like she's kinda tired
  8. These pictures are such good quality @_@ And Jiyeon is so cute! Soyeon, too Yeonyeon!
  9. They're all so pretty! It seems Soyeon is really highlighted in this post 'cause there are more pictures of her at the end So beautiful!
  10. Holy moly they are so cute in these pictures! and where is Qri?!
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