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    Meyominm reacted to CptFantasy in [Twitter] Hyomin Update (07/19)   
    Hyomin is signing mini-mini albums

    이정도는되야 미니앨범이징~ 오늘 인천에서 첫 팬사인회^^ 조금 이따 봐요
    CR: Park Hyomin, Twitter + CptFantasy + tiaradiadem
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    Meyominm reacted to aleya in [14.06.30] Video HD - Hyomin " Nice Body MV "   
    [14.06.30] Video HD - Hyomin " Nice Body MV "

    dance ver

    cr : coremidas @ youtube
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    Meyominm reacted to wenzhouyu in [13.09.16] Prior to October comeback, T-ara will release desert music video teaser on the 25th   
    the news i waited for longgg...... dessert... i think the MV will be in mongolia...
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    Meyominm reacted to xserenax in [PIC] T-ara   
    The news of this ninth member really sadden me what a great way to start my day. Isnt she a bit too young?! Since this is not official hopefully it's just a rumor....
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    Meyominm reacted to maknae23 in [PIC] T-ara   
    As mentioned, is this even official? If it's not official, I don't think this should be posted in "photos" section cause it's seriously giving a stab in my heart. Seriously, 14 years old??? Freaking 14 years old. So they are going to "graduate" the older members and recruit young teenagers as new members. What nonsense is that? It's not about Jiyeon not being the maknae (it disturbes me though) but this is completely out of mind. It's unhealthy !!! And yeah, what's with that 14 years old girl agreeing to all this Sh!t.
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