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  1. she smiles make me smile lol nice pics thank for sharing
  2. they are take care their fan they are cute thank for up load
  3. eunjung is handsome kekeke i love u thank for sharing
  4. i wait for u to comeback to thailand ^^ thank for up load
  5. hyomin looks happy when she take photo and eunjung looks beautiful thank for sharing
  6. Soyeon look child she is pretty and cute :)thank for upload
  7. luky fan i would like to take photoes with the girls TT thank for upload
  8. wow they look sexy on the bed on the morning thank for sharing
  9. oh eunjung looks smart and handsome keke i like u thank for sharing
  10. they look happy and sparkle same the name of photo book
  11. wow the girl look great eunjung i love u so much
  12. lol eunjung look child and pretty thanks for upload
  13. oh eunjung and jiyeon they look great thank for sharing
  14. i'll wait for this but they have a pack schedule. take care your health
  15. they are beautiful and kind . so proud to be your fan ,i love u T-ARA !!
  16. they look great jiyeon eunjung thank for sharing
  17. beautiful place beautiful girls they look relax and happy
  18. i miss u ,i wait for u come to thailand again! LoveyDoveyinBKK concert
  19. lol i really like jiyeon's shoes. it make her heigh up. hahaha
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