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  1. i'm a fan of t-ara but i really hope they will improve on their live performance.
  2. first time to see eunjung like this. She looks matured and elegant
  3. i really admire what eunjung did here. though she knows that the right thing to do is to continue with the sanction, but if doing that would mean that the people in FF production will lose their livelihood then for sure eunjung would feel so bad about it. They have families to feed esp the innocent staffs who got nothing to do with the producers bad decision. So Eunjung's decision is morally right here. but i hope kema will find another solution that doesn't involve too harsh punishment or better yet that producer should apologize publicly to eunjung.
  4. just checked, the drama is dropping fast in ratings. Currently in 8.5 ratings last sunday. i hope eunjung will win this and steadfastly hoping that eunjung will act in a great drama soon
  5. i think its the sponsors who let this news slip to pressure SBS to fire eunjung. SBS said they didn't know about this decision yet and will try to find ways to resolve this. anyway, do you have news about eunjung? she's supposed to be filmimg today right? poor eunjung unnie..
  6. how can they embarrass eunjung like that. She's been through so much. omg just thinking about this hurts so much. How can eunjung work like this when all those malicious reports popping out left and right. I hope eunjung will pull through
  7. issues with character concept? what does it mean? i don't think this is eunjung first filming though. I was following baidu last time and eunjung was already filming in earlier august. Eunjung pls do well...
  8. i hope now eunjung will snap out of being sad and pour all that emotions into the drama.. i want to see her amazing acting skills in the drama
  9. i worry about eunjung now. I notice she is really sensitive so i'm worried about her well-being esp now she is filming a drama. i hope she recovers and do well in her drama...Five fingers is gaining good ratings now and netizens will be watching out for eunjung's acting in the drama..i hope eunjung will do amazingly.
  10. true, its the media who is making it so hard for the girls. The fact that the media is giving credibility and exposure to what the antifans are saying is so maddening..The media is like using antifans as credible source of information and then they all post it in all news outlets like its a fact already...No wonder more people are getting brainwashed.. i pity eunjung, she's probably thinking that some of the reporters present that day in the presscon are some of the media involved in tarnishing t-ara's name, eunjung she's so awkward there be strong eunjung and do well in the drama.
  11. i'm proud of eunjung....although you can see her spirit is broken but still she managed to show her support and dedication. eunjung be strong my dear
  12. i don't think eunjung will cry i'm pretty sure she will answer questions related to the controversy but the thing i'm a little worried about is that eunjung is so frank and straightforward and blunt...i hope she'll make those haters shut up and the media also
  13. the only thing that t-ara should apologize for is the twitter thing when they somehow vent their frustrations...anything beyonds that is all CCM's doing. The girls obviously don't have that power to vote to terminate hwayoung just because their is a conflict. If they have that power, they could have stop the addition of new members. anyways i was watching star life ep 4 and it was heartbreaking to see the scene where they got scolded during rehearsal. I realized back then that no matter how popular they are, to CCM T-ara is just an employee..The girls don't have the power to decide. So if its true that hwayoung was locked out from music bank dressing room, i'm sure it was not the girls decision but the managers of ccm. all i'm saying is, if there's someone to blame, its CCM... i'm hoping T-ara will survive this if they will go through with the comeback this august 14...
  14. because of this controversy, t-ara members will be too stress in the future esp in variety shows because everyone will watch them more closely and their interaction with the new members... this will be too tiring for them, i mean having no rest no sleep and then be judge for little things now when attending shows will affect the girls surely. i hope ccm have realize this things and stop adding new members already..The old members have no time and energy to babysit new members and expect them to be lovey dovey all the time. gosh thinking about all the public attention when the girls do variety shows and inspect their interaction is giving me a headache
  15. i hope everything will subside now and back to normal i hope. and i really hope thier new single and mv will kickass still in the charts.
  16. oh my its T-jinyo is run by a little kid? crazy kids these days
  17. is eunjung their leader now? i hope soyeon will speak out and take responsibility too. i hope the members will recover from this. fighting t-ara...i support you always
  18. omg i couldn't believe they will destroy eunjung just becoz of one joke she made in a freaking variety show..if she's a bully then what do you call the other idols who bully their members in variety show also..this is so biased. if you look at hwayoung when she joined t-ara, its eunjung who always accommodates her and joke with her.. and then now just becoz of that rice cake joke thingy, eunjung is painted as a bully. Its really unfair to eunjung. i hope eunjung will get past this and have success in her drama.
  19. i hope the announcement will stop all this bad press. there's news now that netizens petition for eunjung to be kick out from wgm and also her drama five fingers. this is getting out of hand...
  20. if somehow kks will punish the girls more coz of this scandal, i have to say that this will be the last straw and the members will rebel more. one thing that sets apart t-ara from other groups is that the members esp eunjung, hyomin, jiyeon are very vocal about their displeasure towards ccm. I don't think they are afraid to get fired i really hope ccm will protect the members best interests and stop adding new members now.
  21. about the bullying thing, some comments are getting out of hand and hypocritical. i mean bullying is one of the main entertainment in kpop, have you seen some groups like suju, shinhwa, afterschool, infinite etc etc in many shows, they always bully another member esp the maknae... its so normal in kpop. nitizen focus too much on the negative stuff, if they check on t-ara pretty boys eps, hwayoung gets along with the members there. i don't know what happened but my best guess is that hwayoung somehow changed and it upset the unnies. about the rice cake thingy, i don't know but when i watched that earlier before this scandal..it was meant to be a joke and they laughed about it...maybe i'm just too used to seeing that in variety shows in korea where stars purposely bully another castmate for entertainment... tsk this is like 2pm all over again where netizens think the members is bullying jay park
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