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  1. Nice and free Infinity Space Icons from @hungarumlaut https://t.co/bJUYA7HB0p

  2. wow she dance very well and, her waist --a is so small hahaha I love when she dance Mr. she is so cute but bad girl good girl is awesome too . her dance is fantastic and have power hahah
  3. Wah bella ckckck"@yuliantotjen: Wah ckck @febriyanto_b RT @BellaCleodora: Gila ebi furai menggoda iman ."

  4. holy, NASA's curiosity has landed on mars :D

  5. What a banana ! 2 in a banana , hahaha (@ Zhang Family's Home) [pic]: http://t.co/nFSLBFd

  6. Argh Eunjung is very cute here . I can't express it with word hahaha Can't wait to see it though XD
  7. kyaaaa >,< Jiyeon the best >,< love her and her dress just gorgeous , fit Jiyeon perfectly one word : Awesome !
  8. The wallpaper just awesome ! a must have for desktop wallpaper hahaha ~ and I've downloaded the vid of wildroses though and it's awesome for my collections XD
  9. I love Sparkle even though I can't see it and I can't get it TT>TT what a bless can see the pics of 'em on that Sparkle
  10. Just love both of the songs >,< I'm hoping that I can have that Blu-ray version but I don't have blu-ray player =,=a
  11. Oh no, Jiyeon is very gorgeous on this pics just make me love her more than before hhahaa ~ she's melting my heart XD
  12. argh what a lucky boy . He got kiss from Jiyeon and can kiss Jiyeon Jealousy level : to the max XD
  13. Oh no, Jiyeon is so cute love Jiyeon on this Ads a must buy pen for us maybe ? hahaha XD
  14. Eunjung pics are the best ! XD looks gorgeous . I hope I have this sparkle T>T I can't get it ~
  15. oh God, Hyomin with the wedding dress is just perfect best pics of hyomin XD
  16. Boram's eyes =,=a oh no seems like all of them are very tired hope there's not something wrong with them ~
  17. wow . Jiyeon Boram Hyomin the best . but the rest cools too ~ love them ~ and have watched the lovey dovey at tokyo and they are awesome ~ great works~
  18. I think all of 'em looks like very tired =,=a Just a tight schedule for them ~ miss their smile XD
  19. wow another must saved pics for desktop wallpaper and but I think it missing someone , Soyeon ? ah miss her . Hope she is on the pics TT>TT
  20. Oh no, Jiyeon is so cute and the others too love T-ara so much. a must save pics for desktop wallpaper XD
  21. Wow Hwayoung looks like really happy XD and the cake's design just awesome . love it
  22. Oh no, Jiyeon is so cute love Jiyeon on Dream High 2 XD Dreaming to take a pic with T-ara >,<
  23. Love the video ~ I've downloaded it , all of the parts ~ but I haven't watch it =,=a and I feel sorry of that robbery accident
  24. That's awesome I've join to daum but I can't really access to T-ara photos , news , etc. anyone can help ? I can't do anything because It's all on korean TT>TT
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