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  1. I love that video ~ I want to download it with my IDM but there's no 720p version but I'll just download the pics maybe from google hahaha XD
  2. I'm interested on the Diamond-type I wanted to PO that album and at the final stage of purchasing I canceled it =,=a Not because I don't want to but because I can't . I have to use my father's credit card hahaha love this Jewelry box TT>TT
  3. I've seen the M-On 1080i version of this video and that's just awesome love Jiyeon and Boram at that video hmmm but I think again I love all of them ! T-ara DAEBAK ~
  4. wow , there was extra scenes ? I never knew that ~ Thanks for that . Love the extra scenes for both of 'em just DAEBAK hahaha ~
  5. I'm at Zhang Family's Home (Jakarta Capital Region) http://t.co/dzU7QIh

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