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    AngeLnDemoNz reacted to That Guy in [12.08.02] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters   
    Fans want to believe what they want to believe, even if it's not true.
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    AngeLnDemoNz got a reaction from KingBoram in [PICS] Hyomin in Chinese We Got Married Photography (04/06)   
    oh God, Hyomin with the wedding dress is just perfect
    best pics of hyomin XD
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    AngeLnDemoNz got a reaction from Mrhoang in [12.04.26] Video - T-ara Cry Cry + Lovey Dovey MV Deleted/Extra Scenes   
    wow , there was extra scenes ? I never knew that ~
    Thanks for that . Love the extra scenes for both of 'em
    just DAEBAK hahaha ~
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