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  1. There is nothing to learn in this video about the controversy... Nothing about the reasons of these tweets... They only said : "We're sad, we're sorry, thank you for supporting us - and look at us crying -" No wonder who's got the idea to release this...
  2. omg ! In the Encore Lovey Dovey, they perform the Gangnam Style "Horse riding dance" xD T-ARA GOOOOOOOO !
  3. Actualy it's a bad idea to look happy at this moment, I'm not saying she really is happy, but she have to look sad if she doesn't want to get trolled by medias... Anyway, she is so beautifull there ><
  4. I'm a writter for french blog about K-POP culture, I'm about to write an article for this "subject". I refused to post these pictures of Soyeon... It's really a non-respect of the victim to make a show of these. When I imagin this damned paparazzi shooting at her, when she try to cover her face, I just have some desires of murder... And if she is not trying to cover her face, she put her arm on her face because she is hurt...
  5. That is blowing my mind... I noticed that Hwayoung and Ahreum was close in TV shows, she found some external contact wich can become a real friendship into the group :/ She was happy to finally get a friend in this group, it's easier for the other to crush you, when you're alone. Pray for Ahreum and Dani !! ><
  6. She refused to play AFTER the accident... Everyone can understand that decision to don't perform with the other girls. But in her tweets, she is so vague, now she has nothing to lose, I expect that she will give us her version of story.
  7. omg I got up at 6am (France) to read this ? We all knew it. "the T-ara members feel sad that Hwayoung, a great rapper, will leave the group" LOL what a troll. It seems like we will never know the truth about their discord :/
  8. OMG Soyeon is like a boss >< No wonder why she is the main singer... It's sad to say (ot not) but I think she is a little bit higher leveled than the others ! But I can admit that the other member's "kawai" song can't really shows singing/dancing skills They love so much listening to Dani's english, I think she can really add something at T-ara girls, when Ahreum is just like a... random talented singing/dancing girl.
  9. This show is awesomle xD I need to see Eunjung shows her Taekwondo's skills !!! xD
  10. Don't worry, hyomin tweeted 3 hours ago that she is ok !!
  11. Thanks for sharing, it really was a good relaxing moment to watch this ^^
  12. Hyomin is so skinny, look at her arms, I hope it will not become a problem for her health, she has always been very careful with her look ! Hyomin hwaiting !
  13. I agree with you, that is tiring to watch because of the repeatedly change of shot... To the video director thought it would make it more dynamic but it's just terrible.
  14. Areum looks... older ? :/ Hyomin finally re-colored her hair after the twit
  15. Actually, in these pictures, they are not in Paris (I'm a Parisian), I think they are in Italy. By the way, the photographer is an artist !
  16. They deserved it for sure. It was so risky to release such a "dark" song, when everyone waited for a "summer song" (Loving U by Sistar is a great example)
  17. Unfortunatly I have to going to work TT.TT I can't wait this evening to watch this !!
  18. It seems like they dance slowler than usual, maybe one ask them to save their strength for the entire tour in Japan!
  19. OMG xD Hyomin looks better like that, but a little bit fail for Jiyeon Eunjung perfect as always
  20. Wooow Hyomin is so awsome in these pictures oO ! I need to watch this drama MV >< !
  21. Such beautifull hair ! I just regret the Beats headphone, I hate it !
  22. Eunjung's coat is so awesome >< btw, do the non-korean persons can subscribe to QUEEN'S ?
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