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  1. Dawwwwaigopeijaporgawd so gooood! Can hear their voices through the whole thing! I wish the background voice was a teensy bit softer but it's ok I still love it a lot and think they did super awesome!
  2. Gah I'm bursting with questions! Wae wae wae wae what is the benefit of this? I wonder when the closing date to send in the proof shots is. I pre-ordered it from YesAsia using the free standard shipping so it probably won't get here for a couple of weeks T_T
  3. woow they did a lot! I wonder if it's wishful thinking if I hope all of that is televised. I need HQ!
  4. I haven't read anything about this yet on Diadem so I thought I'd mention this: other sites are saying that in the interview Jiyeon states that the other three members (Soyeon, Qri, Boram) are making a sub-unit of their own for Japan. I'm really excited about that!
  5. omg I didn't realize how bad it was at first until your guys' comments haha. oh well... Is it just me or does Eunjung really look like Bom from 2ne1 in the second picture??
  6. No they did roly poly and sexy love too but I didn't see videos of it I hope we get to see it
  7. I'm confused about how this "mends hearts" won't this make them appear more divided? anyway I'm sure I will love the song and the performances if they do perform it live, but I will always like the full T-ara best I hope I'm not being too negative!
  8. So exciting! From what you can hear the song reminds me of log-in for some reason haha. I hope we get to hear it all the way through soon!
  9. Dang I really wish the pictures were higher quality! I wonder why they release them so small? Still nice to see something though
  10. Wowww so lucky! With such a busy schedule it must mean recording for Bunny Style is already done huh? I hope we get teaser photos or pics soon! I wonder what they will be showcasing... Sexy love/Day by Day/Like the First Time again? I just hope we get a lot of footage to watch! I'm deprived! lol
  11. Those just might be my favorite Lovey Dovey outfits. Is it normal for them to be looking down so much like that in the red carpet pictures
  12. Haha that was super cute and funny. I'm glad that Areum is fitting into the group so well that Jiyeon envies her skin. I like the part when Qri chooses herself to be her mom
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f3M31sUuEM I found another link. The fancams of this were pretty good so it's not THAT much better but we do get to see different angles
  14. http://www.asiatorrents.me/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=0c23203dfe019dbde382da80b0e63f90ca901050 HD torrent of the rest of the concert. The two performances in the original post didn't get broadcast with them
  15. Wow they look like princesses! The photographer loves Jiyeon really cute pics of her
  16. woah Hwayoung would have performed with Boram and Qri if she wasn't injured? I wonder what that would have been like. I guess they recorded that video-game-like intro a long long time ago?
  17. Haha Boram, Jiyeon, and Qri have the same shoes? Cutee I want a pair too now
  18. Aw that was so cute and fun when they called out everybody's name! Except this is the first time I realized that Boram doesn't get a part at that part I wanted to yell out "Boram Boram!" at the end haha
  19. Ahhhh they looked like they were having a lot of fun! Thanks for posting!
  20. I wonder what flavor Hyomin has?? I love Jiyeon's beanie! Eunjung looks like she needs some cheering up I'd be glad to help!
  21. Oh man I saw this on yesasia yesterday. I really want it but it's so expensive!!! maybe i can get somebody to get it for me for christmas haha.
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