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  1. aw too bad it isn't 1 month per page. this calendar is still super cute though!
  2. oh what a tease! I always get so excited to see stuff in News or Latest Updates
  3. I wonder if it's bad of me to say it but I just get jealous of time spent making Japanese versions of the songs because I would rather it be spent making new Korean songs However maybe it doesn't take up too much time since they don't have to learn new tunes or dances, so it's not so bad BTW It's pretty impressive that they can remember two separate versions of the same song. I would totally start getting them mixed up
  4. OMG Jiyeon is soooooo cute!!! I wonder what she and Qri were laughing so much about haha. And then she was holding the sign with her name up on herself. And then she was holding Hyomin and Qri's hands when the were standing in the line. ahhhhhhhhhhh
  5. I just hope Jiyeon is happy with this decision! P.S. Since you aren't going to be going to school maybe you can come perform in the US???
  6. Aww poor Qri I don't have much experience with situations like this. I just hope she gets through this okay
  7. Really great performance! It looks like this was recorded on October 9th
  8. Ooo they look cute! I wonder if there are videos of this out there. I'm always interested to see how they handle the situation of a member being missing. I like it best when they are all there! I hope Soyeon feels better
  9. Yeah I was pretty sad at that part. Actually she seemed to even be lip syncing her parts too idk. Maybe this was filmed around the time she was sick? I think Boram did a pretty good job with Hyomin's part. Did Hwayoung forget her lines or was she just tired? Gah I wish Hyomin was there. I feel bad about having so much criticism about this performance lol. It's ok I still love the girls and enjoyed having new T-ara to watch. I feel deprived lately lol
  10. Hmmmm I always like the korean versions better but I'm not sure if it's just because I hear them first haha. I'm assuming they filmed this at the same time as the korean version? Too bad because I like their new dance move better. I would have liked to see it in a mv.
  11. i think the chorus sounds a lot better in korean! Too bad they didn't leave some korean in like they do in some other songs. in any case, i hope the Japanese embrace this release!
  12. ~2.5 hours of amazing cuteness!!! can't wait to watch it all. I never realized how good Hwa was at winking I miss her
  13. It was really nice to here the original version of sexy love! I like it better than the remix LD was great too. I can't wait until we can see HD versions of all their old songs with Areum in it! P.S. I miss Hwa
  14. Once I get rich I'm totally going to stuff like this all the time
  15. Oh man I really want to see this. I hope it helps their image! I also hope I can find english subs ASAP
  16. Areum learned all the songs!!! So proud of her!!! I just wish they didn't forget to turn her mic on for DBD...I really wanted to hear that part the most. Although I do kind of wish they gave some of Hwa's rap to Eunjung. But it's ok. It was really cute how the second time around Areum tried to rap really loud
  17. Ooh cool dance by Areum in the beginnig! Hyo and Reumy almost crashed at one point haha! But good recovery. I like the normal version of the song better, but it was interesting to hear something new
  18. Go go go Eunjungie!!!! Fight them and make them pay for wronging you! I hope she wins!
  19. Did Qri put her hand on Aurem during her second part in all the previous performances? This is the first time I noticed it and it was a really cute touch!
  20. I only listened to the first minute or so cuz youtube is being dumb...BUT from what I heard the audience sounded pretty supportive. I'm confused about why ppl called it "black ocean"???? Also, somebody didn't do a good job of setting up their sound system or something because a lot of times they are slightly behind the background track
  21. Yay! I'm glad to hear they were well received! I wish I could go to the showcase T_T
  22. Wooooo good performance!!! I love Hyomin's hair and Jiyeon's hat is super cute on her haha. I can't wait until next weekend!!!
  23. Really beautiful! Amazing colors and theme! Ji looks like a cute little devil with that hair hahaha. I just get a little disappointed when they cut out the dance in the beginning because that's what got me REALLY excited for this song in the teaser (besides the fact that it's T-ara of course!). And I missed the cute dance part during Qri's part too! Looking forward to the next performance. Hopefully it will be live!
  24. I love to see more performances!!! This is the first time that I actually noticed Qri singing live (even though it was a little off lol). I have no idea about the backstage stuff in the music industry, but there must be SOME reason why they sound EXCEPTIONALLY good in the Budokan concert in comparison to stages like this. I wonder what it is
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