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  1. Waaaah I haven't been able to find any more HD videos whether it be torrent or on youtube. If anybody finds more please share!! -edit I found this: http://www.asiatorrents.me/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=0c23203dfe019dbde382da80b0e63f90ca901050 I'm still in the process of downloading it but hopefully it's good quality!
  2. I love Ahreum's hair way better in this comeback than in DBD! Gosh they are so cuuuuute. I wish I could go to Korea to see them in person!!!
  3. They are going to have it on dvd??? I would totally buy it!
  4. Yeah I'm confused about what really happened still Whatever happened, I hope our girls stay strong
  5. WOW I never say Bye Bye performed live before!! That was quite a treat!
  6. OMG THAT WAS SO AMAZING Boram so cuuuuute doing Hwa's part in Roly Poly and so cuuuuute in Lovey Dovey because she's the sweatiest one ahahahhahah Aurem super cute in Lovey Dovey! And just every one was so HAPPY and great all around! I want to see more!
  7. Those blue and pink outfits were super cute haha! I was disappointed that there was no singing in the audio...sounds like the same audio as the music video? Which means the studio recording? I don't mind if it was prerecorded, but i'd at least want to hear they audio from the prerecord and not from the music video which I already heard a MILLION times In any case, I'm looking forward to more performances! And is was still a pleasure to watch this one
  8. Finally we can watch them perform again!!! I don't know why but I got really emotional while watching this Oh I wanted to add, I like the change in dance the the performance from the music video. They are more in sync here. It looks great! And it looks more robotic haha
  9. Even though I wasn't a fan of the idea of "Little T-ara" performing with them, I think that they should have continued with that plan now that they already announced it. I'm worried that "Little T-ara" will feel crushed after getting their hopes up that they will perform with T-ara. Won't evil netizens have even more bad stuff to say? (Example: "T-ARA IS SO EVIL! THEY GOT THOSE LITTLE KIDS' HOPES UP AND THEN DISAPPOINTED THEM") I also feel like it's showing weakness. Correct me if I'm wrong. EDIT EDIT EDIT Oh was it CCM's decision to cut "Little T-ara" or MuBank's decision? I accidentally assumed it was CCM's.
  10. Why do I disagree with all of you guys lol I like the other version better! The intro when they first start dancing is far superior. It's just more interesting. However, I'm not saying that they shouldn't have released this one. It is nice to see the solo shots.
  11. Hmmm interesting. I don't really like the thought of watching little kids dance while hearing the word "sexy." OMG I JUST GOT AN IDEA Maybe Dani can join "Little T-ara"!!!!!!!!! i'M A GENIUS Don't hate me
  12. I don't really care for this that much. Mostly because that fist song transition was awful and that kind of set a bad tone for me lol. My favorite part was Soyeon's character! I don't know why but she was really cool!
  13. Lol @ 1:52 hahahah super cute and funnny how she knocks them over like dominos! hahaha
  14. Yay new profile pic for me!!! I don't like the poster looking ones with the English on it cuz it doesn't really make sense lol But I love the ones without the words so much!
  16. Oh my gosh!!! I'm a little confused but the part that i DO get is FOUR MUSIC VIDEOS!!! EXCITEDDDDD
  17. Ah I forgot the mention. the intro when they first start dancing is like SUPER AMAZING
  18. omg new hair styles!!!! I want a better look!!! can't wait for the mv! I kind of don't like the lyrics (just because the word "sexy" is used too much imo) and I'm scared for the robotic dance. Hopefully all turns out well!!!
  19. I'm super duper excited for the new songs!!!! I wish I could see a bigger version of that bottom pic!
  20. I hope nobody watches that @#$$#%@#$%$^@#$%@# drama!!!! Make em pay
  21. I can't believe this....and here I thought things were dying down I'M SO MAD
  22. Wow! If this is the real reason, this is really messed up. I hope their ratings plummet and nobody buys their crud. Teach them a lesson about letting rumors be the driving force to hurt our Eunjung.
  23. Oh my gosh! This is very sad news! I hope this doesn't lead people to say negative things about her and I hope this makes her happier
  24. Hmmm does anybody know when this performance was recorded? I wish Soyeon would do the move she does in the MV when she has her solo dance part haha.
  25. Please, Soyeon! Focus on getting better! I'm worried about you!
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