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  1. Oh my gosh I was really scared to read that headline!! :( Thank god she doesn't have any major injuries. I feel so sad for T-ara
  2. Ahhhh I wish I knew when this was and what she's saying!!!
  3. Doesn't apologizing after you mess something up make sense? It does to me...
  4. I hope so! I've been looking forward to it and I like the sound of the Korean versions the best!
  5. "an industry insider" who is it? why can't they just give their names and then maybe i'll believe it. I won't believe any anonymous stuff like this that could just be from haters. - T-ara's backup dancer
  6. Good! Punish those people for lying about T-ara and fueling the flames! I hate those stupid posts.
  7. Soooooooo how does anyone even verify this? If anybody believes this without proof they are so stupid. I'm so frustrated by these types of articles! By the way, I'm a T-ara backup dancer.
  8. Sorry but what is "SBS PD?" This is sad that people make damaging statements like this so quickly. I think they should wait for things to unfold a bit more before doing this.
  9. It makes me sick how quickly people are to hate. Cancelling tickets?? Burning albums?? Breaking cds?? This all sounds really messed up to me. People should be more patient, understanding, and maybe even forgiving.
  10. Wow that makes me truly depressed edit: wow I can't believe how many likes it has...
  11. I wish people wouldn't be so quick to act. I feel as though we still have no idea what's going on besides the fact that Hwayoung is gone.
  12. I just realized, Hwayoung has the potential to save T-ara's image by saying that they weren't bullying her, doesn't she? I can't really believe that the other girls are the bad guys here.
  13. If this is true, everything makes sense now! I'm really hoping it's true because it seems like only one of either T-ara's or Hwayoung's images can be saved. If I had to choose between the two, I'd want T-ara to be saved. If this is true I think it can save T-ara's image to a lot of people.
  14. Great performance! I'm so happy to see Soyeon and Hwayoung back!
  15. Oh my gosh these pictures of Soyeon are super cute! I hope she's having a good time filming her drama!
  16. argh I have a bad feeling!! Can't wait until the 30th so I can stop stressing
  17. In the case of Eunjung, the background track seems to have Soyeon's voice in it, but I'm pretty sure you can hear Eunjung singing live. In the case of Hyomin, I'm not sure of her voice in that type of singing, but to me it seems different than when Soyeon sings it, leading me to believe that it is indeed Hyomin's voice. Can more people please comment on this?
  18. OH MY That was a treat!!!! Although I missed Hwayoung and Soyeon, this performance was VERY interesting. Eunjung did a great job! She didn't even have to look at the lines the guy was holding up for her. (It's a good thing too because she was on the other side of the stage from him!) Hyomin did a good job on the singing part. It's a shame she had to read the lines during the rap, but I forgive her and I love her spirit Anyways, I hope Soyeon and Hwayoung are okay and will return soon!
  19. I agree with the praise for Aurem. I think she's really fitting in with T-ara. But not Dani. I just didn't see any talent in that. I think that's the only type of role i'd like her to be in. But as I said in my other posts about Dani, at least she still has time before debut. Hopefully she will improve a lot between now and then.
  20. Oh no I hope she is able to take care of her body! I like that she says it's important for a performer to enjoy the stage. That's very important for me when I'm watching them. That's why I'm really looking forward to their new song; it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!
  21. Wow that was great to see those special stages in which all members could could be the stars for a song. Soyeon was really great! I really wish I could watch HQ videos of this whole concert! I'm very glad Hwayoung still got to perform. Sorry but I still don't like Dani. That rap was boring with her blank face the whole time and the voice of a child. However, at least she still has a lot of time before she actually debuts. Hopefully there is improvement...
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