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  1. if you didn't see, there's a youtube video called "120725 Qri & EunJung RUN 100M @ Idol Star Olympics CUT" if you want to watch them run. It's funny hahaha. Qri is cute!
  2. Wow I'm really curious about how the songs in which Hwayoung has crucial parts came out.
  3. I wish I knew Korean so I can just understand it without having to wait!! Maybe I should learn I want to know what they are saying! I'll still watch it even if I can't understand though haha edit: I wonder what Jiyeon whispered to Soyeon in the first vid!!!
  4. That was fun to watch! Thanks for sharing! Too bad Hwayoung didn't win because I thought she was going to haha. I want to see Qri run!!
  5. I don't know but I hope it's not because she's sick or hurt. It seemed like she wasn't feeling well or something in the airport pictures
  6. Ooh I love her look! I'll definitely watch it! My boyfriend loves these dramas with a musical theme so I'll probably be able to get him to watch it too!
  7. Oh whoops you're right. Their sticks just didn't quite reach so at a quick glance I thought they were going for Qri
  8. Looks interesting! I wonder why they were all pointing at Qri haha. Hopefully I can find English subs when it comes out!
  9. Hmm I feel sad to say it but one of these things is not like the others ... at all
  10. Oh wow this looks cool! I hope they enjoyed themselves and I hope there is a lot of footage to watch somewhere!
  11. It's good to hear that she tweeted that she's okay. It was very sad to watch. She went down so fast and it was during her singing part. I really like they look in this one though
  12. Hehe yeah I noticed 1:30 as well. They are so beautiful! Soyeon's part at 2:17ish came out the best yet I think. I wonder what color they will wear next?
  13. I agree with those who say this is the best performance yet! I did miss Hwayoung's dance in the beginning but it's understandable why it wouldn't be there. They all look very beautiful. I love Hyomin's bangs and Eunjungs longer hair The Soyeon + Aurem singing part sounded really good as well.
  14. I'm embarrassed to ask, but at 22:18, is that Soyeon?!?! It doesn't look like her to me but they played it before those other videos of her and I can't understand Korean haha.
  15. Well said, Eunjung! I think she's correct about their secret to success! I'm sooo looking forward to August 15th!
  16. Oh my gosh I wish I could go soooo badly!!! I wonder how much it would cost me
  17. I'm really excited! Time to mark our calendars! I was hoping they'd do a song like this soon. I want to see them having a great time on stage!
  18. Congratulations T-ARA!!! I hope this brings great happiness to the girls!
  19. ohhh i wish i could know what they were saying! and i wish t-ara could know how much i love them!!! <3
  20. wahhhh i wish i could go to these things!!
  21. Ooooh yay! I think out of the three performances I saw so far, this one sounds the best!
  22. ahhh i can't wait for english subs! I love watching them interact I want them to be together forever!!
  23. argh flashesss outfits and dance is great though I wish I could see longer segments of the dance though with less camera changes
  24. Wow they did amazing! But the one who really stood out to me as doing especially well was Hwayoung! I just wish Eunjung got more lines and for Jiyeon to be there in "Don't leave"
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