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  1. In my country it's cost 450k for a shirt ( about 25 USD ) and it isn't expensive for a Koran shirt, it even equal to a normal shirt Love JIyeon skirt,kekkekekkee
  2. They are really happy Jealous with Thai fan, they have alot of chance to meet T7
  3. Very great I going to crazy because this song Vietnamese people comment that they like all of it, especial Keep out and tiaratic magic
  4. Poor Rambo hope she would get better soon, there are many event wait for her
  5. Miss Rambo , t-ara always miss one member when perf recently ,
  6. very gorgerous, especial Jiyeon , so sexyyyyyyyyy
  7. Music bank and now the solo concert, always Thai and Thai, , they never come to Viet Nam, why ??????????????/ T-ara , we are nearly from Thai land and we very love you too Honestly, i feel jealous with Thailand fan, you are very lucky
  8. If it true, i wil congratulate for her, but i think it is only one of Kim Ki wang tricky
  9. Love love love But in my coutry , there aren't any Gil Chicken stores, if it really exist in my country, i would eat it every day
  10. Eujung àhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Like Hwayoung hair ... so funny
  11. So cute ... wish to be her dog Her leg make me blood
  12. Like Jiyeon short hair, hope to be seen it again And Jiyeon in lovey dovey concept is only describered by one word : debeak
  13. Oh, they are so cute Miss Dh2 and Rian so much Hope to be seen Jiyeon's film soon
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