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  1. they'll be vey busy.. i really want to give them day off.. *wish i could* take care of your self unnies.. dont get sick. love t-ara.....
  2. hmmm. wish the best for them.. wish the original member not separate, and always together as t-ara love t-ara..
  3. they deserves that day off. hope t-ara will get more day off in the future. so they can rest well not too force on working..
  4. nooo,, this is sucks.. i love them now, but why adding more member? wish the best for t-ara..
  5. what?!t hey already so good why adding more member? but, wish the best for t-ara..
  6. wow?! a bit speechless. but wish the best for t-ara then love t-ara..
  7. wow.. please held an asian tour.. i'll definitely come to see u guys.. love t-ara..
  8. wish i could be there.. really want to see them.. love t-ara..
  9. wow, so cool of them really want to see their market.. t-ara jjang!
  10. all thumbs up for they big hearted.. love t-ara..
  11. so nice t-ara.. we'll support you guys no matter what.. fighting!!
  12. t-ara fighting!! love t-ara more and more. i think they should have their day off..
  13. wowow.. congrats t-ara.. that was a bigg success.. hope t-ara will gain more popularity..
  14. want to see the video.. even alreaady late.. love t-ara..
  15. hyomin,, so hardworking girl. love hyomin unniee..~~ and t-ara the best of course.
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