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  1. Whoa, guess I'm gonna have to ask my friends in Oahu about this and make a visit back to HI. Here's the link to the HIMAF site: http://www.himaf.org/index.php Unsure who the actual artists are going to be...T-ara's video is listed in the "Congratulations" section
  2. Princess T-ara ep6 is all about Eunjung and has cuts from Show Champion with Amber. You can definitely see how close they are. Seems they have been friends for about four years and Eunjung was listed in Amber's thanks/credit on one of the f(x) albums.
  3. Most of my friends don't care for KPop and sometimes poke fun at me, but I don't care and make them listen to T-ara when they're in my car. Music is something we can enjoy across all languages, so I'm sure T-ara N4 and even T-ara can reach new fans in the US market. But even if they improve their English, I doubt it will really help much in terms of a successful debut. Wonder Girls and SNSD promoted with English songs for the US market and imho, didn't really WOW anybody. Fans that like them for who they are will support them, but please don't be raunchy "hip-pop" like Kesha!
  4. With all these appearances and collaborations in the States, I'm sure hoping we'll get some concerts with all of T-ara. KCon should definitely bring them to the Sports Arena this year. Anyways, Wiz is a stand-up guy, as seen by how he handled Kanye's disses about his wife, in the past. Thus, the girls should be fine and they're smart, so not too worried about our American influences Also, just like the Chris Brown "concert," the special appearance with Wiz is basically just another Palms pool party, except on Friday.
  5. So they're coming to LA first instead of LV directly. Probably arriving at LAX around same time as their last trip. Hope they have a great time with the concert and Breezy's fans will be cool and welcome their special stage. Good luck girls! T-ara N4 hwaiting!
  6. The N4 girls are supposed to come to Las Vegas to open for Chris Brown's concert @Palms this coming Sunday May 26th. Looks like I may know where I'm gonna be partying for this Memorial Day weekend.
  7. IMHO, I could care less about the "truth to the bullying incident." Scandals are gossip fodder for netizens and they love having it shoveled on them. I don't expect any explanations from T-ara but just want them to move on and be happy. And any fans that were swayed by the rumors should be the ones listening and stop the pessimism.
  8. Who cares what face she has on, I would still love her to force feed me some rice cakes! Haters will hate but real fans will always love them.
  9. Condolences to Q-ri and her family. May their beloved grandfather rest in peace.
  10. According to other sources, it's actually CCM that are filing this lawsuit on behalf of Eunjung. i don't care who's filing as long as Eunjung wins and the PDs realize they can't treat such talent however they want without any repercussions. Eunjung fighting!
  11. All these hypocrites rallying against T-ara with unverified claims of bullying...quite ridiculous considering they're bullies themselves with all their hatred towards T-ara. Wish all the girls never had to experience any of this...in the end, all the problems arose due to gross mismanagement of the situation by CCM/KKS.
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