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    antii3eunjung reacted to nathaniel in [14.04.15] Eunjung cast as the lead female role alongside Lee Jangwoo in new movie "The Boss Begins"!   
    [14.04.15] Eunjung cast as the lead female role alongside Lee Jangwoo in new movie "The Boss Begins"!

    Great news for Eunjung fans today! After three years, we will finally be able to see our Baekgu going back into acting through the new film "The Boss Begins" (director Park Seunghyun)!

    On the 15th, an official for the movie revealed to Asiae, "T-ara's Eunjung has joined the production of 'The Boss Begins' alongside Lee Jangwoo and Son Hojoon."

    "The Boss Begins" follows the trilogy of the 2001 film "My Boss, My Hero", 2005's "My Boss, My Teacher" and 2007's "The Mafia, The Salesman". Park Seonghyun, the director of the movie "Three Kims", will be the director of "The Boss Begins".

    Eunjung previously had roles in the dramas "Coffee House" and "Dream High" as well as the movie "White: The Curse of the Melody". In 2011, she appeared in MBC's "We Got Married" as the virtual wife of Lee Jangwoo and now she will appear again with him through the new movie.

    For the past three years, Eunjung has focused only on T-ara's activities. This will be her first lead role since "White".

    "The Boss Begins" is aiming for a summer release.
    Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2014041510211500701
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    antii3eunjung reacted to kkyc222 in [13.08.26] T-ara N4, December US Billboard Debut   
    T-ara N4, December US Billboard Debut

    T-ara began subunit activities in the beginning of this year through T-ara N4 and QBS. Their styles are different. T-ara N4 is targeted at the American/European market while QBS is targeted at Asian countries like Japan and China etc.

    Eunjung explained "If you say that you can feel the unique and true colors of the 6 members of T-ara when we are together, then the subunits are a different side of us." T-ara N4 gathered together the "strong" women and their music is filled with a strong and hip hop atmosphere. QBS is the opposite, very feminine, and is made up of the members who fit the image of white dresses by the sea and under the blue sky. Eunjung smiling, said "Both images are very good," "Because we can't do both at the same time, we don't feel greedy about the subunits."

    The subunit that has received special attention is T-ara N4. They have knocked on the doors of the US market, and received the praise of hip-hop star Chris Brown. Previously in May, they went to America and set up their future music activities with Chris Brown and T.I etc.

    At their interview with Billboard Korea, T-ara revealed for the first time parts of their plan for the US market. Their US album is starting to take shape. Their debut date may be December of this year. In their single album, two new English songs will be recorded along with the new version of Jeonwon Diary. The English version of Jeonwon Diary was arranged by Chris Brown personally.

    The title song has not yet been determined, but it should be one of the new songs. Jiyeon said, "We've finished recording it and it is a very exciting and electronic dance genre song," "There will be a featuring by a pop star which will surprise people."

    Their contract is signed with America's Empire Records. There are still some who remain doubtful and refuse to believe this, turning up their noses at the news of T-ara entering the US market and even making fun of their outdoor performance when they were invited by Chris Brown, saying that they've only performed on a small stage and whether all this hype is an exaggeration.

    At this, T-ara did not have any response. Because of some controversies, their music achievements has been downplayed and belittled. T-ara lightly said, "Theres nothing we can do about this, it seems like it is something we must face," "If we were to explain, why not perform to our best instead, and make those who like our music believe us. We cannot force the public to like us."

    Very frustrated. Not every performance is a large scale performance. "Whether the performance venue is big or small doesn't matter. Even if there is only one person in the audience, standing on stage itself is something to be happy and excited about" This is what they think.

    That there were some problems of communication is true. Eunjung said, "Honestly, we were alarmed when we saw how narrow the stage was. But this was not anybody's fault. It's just that we should have carefully asked for more details, there was just inadequate flow of information prior to the performance. Chris Brown also performed on that stage the same way we did. But our performance seemed to have been distorted and misrepresented, as if we performed on a stage that was not meant to be stood on, we are a bit sad about that."

    Chris Brown is still a supporter of T-ara. Chris Brown and T-ara member Dani are close and this along with some musical aspects of T-ara N4 is why he came to this decision. T-ara said about themselves "We are lucky." Reviews of T-ara as the "Girl Group with the Most Korean Flavour" plus the use of Tae Pyeong So (traditional Korean music instrument) in Jeonwon Diary caught the interest of the relevant people involved with their overseas album.

    Recently, T-ara has been busy learning English and Japanese. The members expressed "We never even dreamed that we could enter America," "Because we could not adequately prepare/learn foreign language like other groups, and because an opportunity like this is rare, we will work hard," They are not afraid of failure. T-ara said "We might not succeed. If we started to have these worries, then we should not start altogether." "If we continue our activities with a sincere attitude, then we should be able to achieve a good result. After Japan's Oricon chart, we want to leave a mark on a page of the US Billboard chart too."

    Original article: http://media.daum.net/m/media/newsview/20130826171510678
    Translated via Chinese subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556263953
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    antii3eunjung got a reaction from vancew90 in [13.05.04] T-ara N4's tearful confession, "It was not bullying. We had no idea she would leave"   
    IMHO, I could care less about the "truth to the bullying incident." Scandals are gossip fodder for netizens and they love having it shoveled on them. I don't expect any explanations from T-ara but just want them to move on and be happy. And any fans that were swayed by the rumors should be the ones listening and stop the pessimism.
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