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  1. Well Scatter to be honest, It makes sense to go on overdrive after finally returning to the Kscene after almost a year long hiatus. Think about it, you told me how cutthroat and mercules the Kentertainment scene is after all it's kind of mandatory that they go on a rampage as far as work is concerned.(though i was a bit speechless myself that they just released 3 singles and a mini album in such a short timespan). yeah I agree Idols work to hard, sometimes inhumanely so but as long as it's worth it for them in the long run I can sort of accept it. Let's just hoope that they make it big in the Japanese market aswell, considering Banisutas succes.
  2. OMG I can't believe this. Finally our Rambo will get her chance to shine in the spotlight. I'm so happy for her.
  3. This warms my heart, such kind little angels. I wish a bery merry Christmas to everyone here at Diadem as well as to our Angels of T-ara.
  4. Well this has gotten me curious. I do hope they can pull it of, with their latest promotions doing well I really hope they can keep this positive flow going. After the hell they went through last year they so deserve it.
  5. Well I said then that this has a massive potential to blow up in their faces AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW IT DID. Seriously I am sick and tired of seeing KKS use T-ara as his personal meat shield to hide behind when xxxx hits the fan. Their association with Cris Brown aside that poor excuse of a pool party they performed at, this just proves how mutch of an idiot KKS is and how he is grasping for straws and running T-ara into the ground. Sad really and I can't help but feel bad for the girls.
  6. Well all I can say is they needed this reboot and returning to their roots. I like Aerum and Hwa but the thing is all this shuffling around didn't reall help them these past few years. I'm not saying it was a bad thing but they didn't exactly gain all that much from it either. I like number 9 a lot and I hope they will regain atleast some of what they lost because of everything that happened last year. (and because of the incompetence of a certain someone)
  7. Well Scatter It's only natural companies say the Idols chose this and the Idols chose that, but let's be honest we all know they didn't, even the members of SNSD witch is pretty much still a household name don't get that much freedom. I think KKS is going for a big boom sensation powerhouse comeback, and with all the focus now on KARAs potential disbandment,this strategy might just turn out well. At least that's what I'm hoping for, I mean if this comeback isn't well received, and we are talking about the old 6ARA here, then T-ara getting back into the top will be almost impossible. And while I like Hwayoung and Aerum adding them to T-ara it's now starting to show that it was a very VERY bad Ideea.(Hence why I think Aerum was made a solo artist and T-ara returned to 6ARA). Anyway I'm exited for their comeback as well, it took some time but let's hope both songs and the album as a whole are awesome.
  8. While I generally refrain from answering back to you Ryu, the whole let loose on CCM HQ was a joke, derp, although yeah might have been taken to far. Second who I was trying to quote is Eliphas and the quote goes like this : "These are the BLood Ravens, finest slaves of the dead emperor. We owe them much more then a quick death". The slave part wasn't referring to Sso but to CCM,because I view them with the same content as Eliphas view Loyalists (look up 40K wiki for more in debt explanation this forum is not for that). Also I am happy for Sso as well and if she gets married and has a happy family life all the better I wish her the best. What I wanted to point out mentioning Hara as example is that idols take heavy flak for having relationships, and are the target of gossip, while I do hope Sso will not be slandered the same way I can't help but worry as T-aras members have all been through some bad times already.
  9. Well She seems happy and I wish both of them the best, but why do i get the distinct feeling that this is could potentially get ugly, I mean openly admitting to dating, generally tends to end up blowing up in the girlfriends face (think Hara of Kara). Anyway I hope this will work for her I mean she deserves some happiness and love in her life especially after all the hardships she had to go through up till now, but I've come to learn that with idols things are never straightforward or easy or normal for that matter. And Scatter... K2... REALLY, seriously man you disappoint me... LIKE REALLY DISAPPOINT. I mean we are talking about CCM/KKS here finest slaves... whatever they are slaves of , they deserve much more than K2 assault rifles and grenades. Be a bit more creative, think minigun. In all honesty though the lad might have been special forces I do believe that might be out of his league, I mean we are talking about a 150kg weapon, and he's nowhere big and fat enough to carry something like that around, no offense (but let's be honest if he would actually commit to that, there's no way he could keep dating Sso, because let's face it a relationship between a Heavy and his Sasha is a sacred and exclusive one for those who don't know what I mean hehe)P.S.: If the linking of the video is against the rules pls feel free to tell me Mods and I shall remove it:D
  10. Well Maybe SST turned over a new leaf... Nah. I just hope that the song won't be chipmunked to death but judging from the teaser posters we might get to see something new and potentially awesome. Here's hoping for a new, mature, sexy concept from T-ara.
  11. To be honest a lot of Queens are Kamilias as well (myself included though not the Japanese stuff, since that is too cutesy for me), so I don't really see why KKS is so hell bent on slandering Kara, it's not like they are a direct rival to T-ara in any way, nor will their recent comeback effect T-ara October one, timing or concept wise. I just don't get it, if KKS/CCM is to a degree behind the Kara controversy getting blown out of proportion (though I'm speculating here) what are they going to get out of this.
  12. Well I have to say that I am very eager about their comeback though I have to be honest I was hoping for a studio album as well. Meh you can't have it all especially with you know who at the helm. Anyway I am eagerly awaiting their comeback and looking forward to the new concept. As for how long they will promote I'm hoping for a month at the minimum. Hopefully with Hara taking all the flak atm (not that I'm happy about that mind you) I hope the public has gotten over last years shenanigans, and there won't be any hiccups or bad experiences for the members, and the comeback will be well received and hopefully successful. I am curious about the concept though, VERY curious.
  13. Well it wouldn't surprise me if KKS would put Dani into 5dolls on a drop the drop of a hat. We are talking about KKS after all.
  14. Yay more wall of text from Ryu "OH JOY" Anyway trying to get into the US market is a bad Idea by itself, having Chris Brown helping, we that's what I would call "from the frying pan into the fryer". Fact is this won't end well no matter how we look at it, I'll support them (As I'm sure the rest of the DIadems will as well), but let's face it this time around that won't be enough by far, this is going to flop and all because KKS is grasping for straws. Let's face it T-ara is the only cash cow of CCM and KKS is trying to milk them as much as he can, not giving a single f@ck of the consequences.
  15. Good question, I wouldn't mind donating,hell I would even get a paypal account for it, but the question is what are these perks donors get, I mean I haven't seen a subbed MV from Diadem subs in like a long time, so will this be what donors get access to? Or something completely different.
  16. 700 hundred fans, isn't that pushing it a little, anyway I wish I could be there, but not going to happen.
  17. Well this is straight out of nowhere lol, well I'm looking forward to this, I'll be more vocal after it gets released, still I guess I won't have to wait till next year for more T-ara goodness. Still Bikinis? HM... This will not be very beneficial in regards to the rehabilitation of my perverted mind. (Joke:D)
  18. I have said it before and I shall say it again, anyone bothering to argue with Ryu is wasting their time a 100%. Listen let him have his opinion it's fine he's entitled to it, every time he nitpicks one of your comments just ignore him, pretend like it's not there, that's what I do and has worked for me marvelously. And people seriously stop playing his game this thread isn't about whether 5-ara was the official debut or 6-ara it's about the lineup changes announced by our favorite idiots in Kpop CCM, witch are about the now and near future, so please let's altogether ignore Ryu and let him stay in his lala land, and try to focus our efforts on discussing debating the topic at hand. Thank you.
  19. Well no offense but keeping on with the "Position of Leader in T-ara is a weekend job" routine isn't a great idea. Don't get me wrong I like Qri, I like her a lot, she's my "bias" if you will but still this gimmick of shuffling the job of leader around, ... I don't know it's just doesn't seem to be the best idea, I mean they have been doing it for quite some time now and it hasn't made T-ara anymore special or helped them to stand out anymore then they already have.
  20. Well at least they will be promoting in japan in the meantime:) Tbh after all the madness and nonsense of last year as well as Aerum announcing her departure out of the blue, I'm kinda glad they returned to their original lineup. I'm looking forward to their comeback whenever it will be.
  21. I hear ya but still in a way it's better that she personally came out and addressed this matter then leaving it to KKS, we all know how well that went. I don't know to be honest Either KKS learned his lesson from last year and decided to let Aerum speak for herself, witch I highly doubt btw or Aerum decided to take charge of the matter on her own. Either way, yeah scatter there's a good chance for this to backfire in her face, let's face it T-aras antis have been known to excel at taking things far out of context and exaggerating them. I hope this time around this will not be the case but who knows. On another note it's good to see ya again soldier, glad to see you finally showing your presence:).
  22. I'd wager there is something going on within the walls of CCM, although how shady it really is I still don't have a clear idea on. But there's definitely something, and i guess only time will tell. In the mean time "YAY MORE REASONS FOR ANTIS TO B!TCH ABOUT" freakin amazing, it's like what happened last year wasn't enough, this is like adding fuel to the fire, splendid just bloody splendid.
  23. Well CCM/KKS have finally lost it. I don't think these member changes will lead to anything good, frankly this whole double membership routine spells doom in my eyes. As far as I'm concerned KKS is desperate and is grasping for straws and is going out of his way to drive the company to ruin for some meager short term gain witch will probably not pan out to begin with. All in all I agree with everyone here that being a fan of T-ara or any other group under the label CCM is getting harder and harder as time goes on. I just hope that T-ara will make through this somehow and as a fan I I will continue to support them as best I can.
  24. Um okay after reading all 4 new news articles I have to say *****!!!! KKS Y U NO GET SOME HELP! no offense but clearly he needs it, i mean this doesn't make sense. First he starts all the hype about how T-ara is going to become a 9 member group then Hwayoung gets kicked out now Aerum leaves, Jesus. And to top it off this happened on the drop of a hat, literally overnight, Aerum is not my bias given but i still like her and I wish her all the best.
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