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  1. They did turn him down lol. There is sort of no point in meeting KKS anyways because he is going to repeat the things he said. I'm guessing everyone is still waiting for T-ara to speak up for themselves. We don't want to hear from you KKS
  2. Yay. Watch hwayoung come back stronger than ever in the future. I wish her the best of luck. She does have a lot of potential (:
  3. All of this happened because of the spread of rumors. I realized that netizens do manipulate a lot of information. Good thing this whole thing is starting to die down. After absorbing all of the news and contemplating, I have decided to support T-ara and Hwayoung both.
  4. I'm pretty sure all of them cried lol. I don't get why the girls are not coming out to say something? KKS should let them at least apologize or something... At least the drama is coming to a close, but then the hate will continue. I JUST WANT THE TRUTH!
  5. Ugh, i don't know if this is credible.... I still don't know where I stand though.
  6. I really am supporting hwayoung in this one. I believe that she deserves better and I sincerely hope that she does. Well ccm, you sort of just confirmed that the bullying is real. I don't think I can support the T-ara girls anymore....I need some time to cool down and absorb everything. All i want is the truth.
  7. Here we go again with kks' lie. I don't believe in whatever he says anymore. You are digging your own grave here kks.
  8. I really hope Hwayoung doesn't go back. KKS is just full of lies. All he wants is money. He is making the situation worse lol. I blame him for almost everything
  9. I'm really worried this time. The worst situation would be T-ara disbanding and I have a tiny feeling that the announcement is about that. I don't know anymore. I really want to continue supporting the girls right now, but this is too overwhelming. I'm going to wait for the announcement.
  10. For some reason, I think that the announcement isn't going to be good at all... So far we only know one side of the story, so i can't really judge right now. We'll just have to wait and see...
  11. T-ara already has enough rappers in the group lol. I still don't acknowledge what the two members would bring to the group. I just hope both of them work hard and not drag T-ara down.
  12. Dani doesn't fit in at all LOL. I really love Jiyeon's outfit for some reason. It really suits her.
  13. I hope that hwayoung gets well soon. Dani doesn't fit in the picture lol... Good luck to the girls (:
  14. Jiyeon and Nichkhun together! My two favorite people. They look good together and work well as a team (:
  15. This is incredible news (: The girls' popularity is really big. I hope they perform well for their concert and everything goes well.
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