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  1. So I think I'm having some problems... I registered on Daum, joined the fancafe, answered the T-ara quiz, then paid and posted my confirmation information and screenshot. The next day, they said "인증완료" (Certified) to me and I became a "우수회원(퀸즈2기)" (Expert Member (Queen's 2)). However, the day after that again, I became a "정회원" (Member). I tried asking them about it on the page that is dedicated for questions, "2기모집 질문답변" (2nd Recruiting Questions), but they just answered "수정완료 되었습니다." (Modification has been completed.), but I don't know if that was because I corrected a typo or if they were answering my question... I tried writing in Korean, but I can't be sure that they understood what I meant. My only theory was that they confirmed my answers to the T-ara quiz after they confirmed my Second Queen's application and somehow downgraded me then... EDIT: Got it sorted out. Just had to spam them some more...
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