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  1. rumors are too fast in web..but it's answer comes after it..dont decide too early to all what news come..wait for the truth
  2. another version...good or bad for t-ara??who knows..fan's reaction were different..but i'm still look forward to t-ara..fighting!!hoit hoit~~
  3. prepare for the test..hope will be no more~~~~~~

  4. Jiyoen had her own style..every member almost had same post except for Jiyoen...she had it!
  5. she look beautiful...a young girl to new world...how will people look at her next..hemmm~~1
  6. likes Jiyoen..her ayes look so big so nice with her smile...it look bigger and width
  7. every member wear different style cloths...still confuse their team style!!@_@
  8. hummy hummy who uu doing???huhu

  9. now she got a lead..hope she doing greet on her character..hwaiting!!
  10. she look same as Dani..is it korean high school's look...i wonder how many support will they get after this..~~
  11. Areum so cute..wonder how far can she goes in the team..what theme for new album..hope she doing well in the team,,,fighting!!
  12. her life style as a young girl..she must learn life from her age now...u can't skip your life...she a cute girl with a big world
  13. what a lucky...she look so special,but i'm still waiting for her action though..let see how far people first impression on her and when her debug after...look forward this!
  14. maknae..maknae`~~~..but i'm wonder who 8th member is????/
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