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  1. Hahaha that's awesome!! Underestimating the amount of visitors by almost 5 times! Welcome back T-ara, Sexy Love is amazing ♥
  2. Gee this makes me sad. It reminds me of SNSD's hidden camera in their early days, except this time it's T-ara and it's not a hidden camera T-ara fighting!
  3. Loving Sexy Love and all of their recent stages~! T-ara will overcome all of this. Fighting!
  4. 7000 is seriously nothing! Would really love to even look at the pages let alone own it~ Really hoping to get it on pre-order when it's released!
  5. With you all the way~ This is more CCM's doing and probably partially netizens too, they're just making this whole thing worse. People need to stop coming to conclusions from media statements alone.
  6. Well that's a relief~ It would be stupid on their part if they were to replace Eunjung because of this. I hope she stays in WGM too, but I have a feeling she's going to stop filming it for a little while, because things won't be the same Eunjung hwaiting~! ♥
  7. Surely seems to be heading in this direction right now~ Or perhaps this is a bit of a failed attempt at a publicity stunt, I don't really know.
  8. That's just inappropriate on SBS's part, whatever role the guy plays in the company~ Big companies and television networks shouldn't be taking sides, but supporting the whole group as a whole.
  9. Whenever I read the media releases or articles, it seems like nothing makes sense. CCM are saying this and that but nothing really lines up~ This is probably one of the most unorganised and badly-handled situations I've seen in the entertainment industry. It's probably not even T-ara's fault~ It's probably more CCM or even just people making rumours and falsely accusing things that they don't even know about :/ This is a real defining moment in T-ara that's going to change everything and CCM have the responsibility of making things right, but they're not. They're just making this whole thing worse. As fans I think we should support the girls no matter what, but that's just me. T-ara fighting! ♥
  10. Oh nooooo~ So much is going on right now, it's frightening I really hope Eunjung and all of T-ara can pick themselves up after this. I'm not happy that Hwayoung has left, but I'll continue to support them and Eunjung forever T-ara fighting!!! ♥
  11. I've been feeling so anxious over this for ages I hope everything turns out well, I love my unnies~ T-ara forever fighting!!! ♥
  12. Can't wait for this new release!!! It'll definitely be a hit following Day By Day~ Hopefully it'll be as good or better than Lovey Dovey T-ara fighting~!!! ♥
  13. I really don't like the sound of this~ This makes me really scared about possibly the future of our Queens I hope everything goes okay T-ara fighting! ♥
  14. I think they'll sell more than 500,000, seeing as there are 3 versions of the album. I might buy all 3 just to support my unnie's, but man 'm gonna be hella broke after this... Anyways, T-ara fighting!!! ♥
  15. The best unnie's together, Hyomin the assistant photographer and EunJung the photographer assistant's assistant keke :3 I hope they have so much fun and make lots of photographic memories on their trip, I really wanna see the results
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