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  1. Thanks @robbe_881 for helping. Hopefully I can capture some nice pics for the hongkong concert.
  2. ahh hopefully when they decide to hold their own korea concert, tour agency has offers like this for overseas fans.. anyway thanks for the info.
  3. This might help..T-ARA N4 "전원일기" fanchant. [HahmEunjung ParkHyomin ParkJiyeon LeeAreum T-A-RA-GO-N-4-Dae-Bak] Wae [Wae] Wae [Wae] Wae Ah [Neona jalhaeyo] Wae [Wae] Wae [Wae] Wae Ah [Neona jalhaeyo] Doraol wollyoilmada neomugwichanhayo Heoguhan nalmada waenal gatgogeureonayo Deutgi sirheun jansori jebalgeumanhaejullaeyo Na geunyang tteonabollae [To the jeonwonilgi] (Startat 0:35) [Jeon-Won-Il-Gi-T-A-RA-GO] Naegero wayo nae soneul jabayo nawa hamkketteona Party people Insaengeul geunyang [jeulgigo] Bamsaewo [chumchugo] Geokjeongeun jamsidwirojeobeodugo Neo Neo Neo Na jalhaeyo Haendeuponeun [da kkeugo] Meorineun [biugo] Barina dakkgo geunyang pukjamyeon dwae [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting Ting Ting Ting] [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting Ting Ting Ting] Byeol kkoriya eomeo [nae mamiya] Byeol kkoriya eomeo [nae mamiya] Na araseo halge [mwonsanggwaniya] Mwotdo moreumyeonseo geo cham [naemamiya] Ani wae jal salgo inneunde waenchamgyeonieyo Sadone nammareun ttande haseyo Hanbeonjjeum [swit] Hagogeunyang singyeong kkeojullaeyo Gakkeumssik saneungejjajeungnalttae [To the jeonwonilgi] (Startat 1:56) [Jeon-Won-Il-Gi-T-A-RA-GO] Naegero wayo nae soneul jabayo nawa hamkketteona Party people (Startafter Party People) [HahmEunjung ParkHyomin ParkJiyeon LeeAreum T-A-RA-GO-N-4-Dae-Bak] Wae [Wae] Wae [Wae] Wae Wae [Wae] Wae [War] Wae [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting Ting Ting Ting] [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting Ting Ting Ting] Byeol kkoriya eomeo [nae mamiya] Byeol kkoriya eomeo [nae mamiya] Na araseo halge [mwonsanggwaniya] Mwotdo moreumyeonseo geo cham [naemamiya] Soksanghan mam meongdeuni mam Hanajjeum da gaseume angosarayo Geokjeongmayo chanbaramdo Jinagalkkeonikka Neona jalhaseyo Why you hating Why why you hating Why you hating Why why you hating Why you hating Why why you hating Why you hating Why why why you hating [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting Ting Ting Ting] [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting] ga ring ga ring ga [Ting Ting Ting Ting]
  4. more short fancams on youtube. credit- daraeLV Boram vs Soyeon Interview Boram's solo And the final farewell
  5. This is one thing all Queen's should be aware of.. And I'm really proud and thankful of the K-Queen's for their awesome fanchants in almost every possible performance that T-ara has. Whether 1, 10 or 100 they chant proudly. And the J-Queen's recently was awesome.. The Showcases and the concerts... When our girls hear the fanchants they know that it's Queen's out there with them, not just some random fan.
  6. I don't know if its appropriate. But just wanna share because uploader already remove the fancam. China side downloaded and reload to youku.com(Chinese kind of YouTube). Please delete if seem unappropriate. Original credits to boojiyoung2. Cr.tiarajy http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDc1MTgwMzEy.html
  7. Everything's fine fellow Queen's. It's just a reminder in case people starts shooting diadem members... All is for the sake of T-ara.
  8. It's not easy to have fancams from Japan.. @robbe_881 I think you should credit the uploader. He is one of the few who uploaded alot of fancams of T-ara's activities in japan for international Queen's. If not we will be clueless of their Japan promotions. Sexy love... Credit: cnlove0906 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbW6jT2AxwE
  9. Must really thank the uploader....japanese seldom take/post concert fancams... and thank you too for the effort.
  10. Sorry folks but those are not JQueen's. They are KQueen's. CCM provided transport and meal + gifts(towels from jewelry box) to Queen's attending the mucore recording. I heard it's few hours ride from Seoul. If its a T-ara concert then JQueen's might organize a trip to Korea...this is just 1 of the 4 main music programs recording happening every week so unlikely JQueen's went there.
  11. Well read up its not only the HK queen's, china Queen's are heading down too. Joint project by T-araHK and TCN (T-ara china). Both fanclubs provide light sticks and paper of fanchants and message to the girls for all attending the showcase. Talk about fanclub...I think they are putting a lot of effort. This is gonna be awesome I think. Thank you HK and China Queen's. Please show lots of love for T-ara.
  12. and thank god their sexy love dance ver mv is nothing like the day by day dance ver mv...... i have not watch the day by day dance ver mv for more than 3 times...sorry couldn't take the flashes.. whereas the sexy love dance ver mv i can watch it all day long...
  13. This was before eunjung was taken off FF. They talk with eunjung's mum on 18/8 if I remembered correctly because I did went to baidu to find updates on the girls.
  14. ...that's expected.. We, international Queen's does not contribute to the view ratings of the show in Korea so business wise they have to go with the Korea public. Good point is they did announce it unlike SBS. So the only thing us as international Queen's can do for t-ara now is to stay together and wait for their next album release. Buy it. Yes it will be available online but buying it increases the sales and will directly put t-ara up the charts. Let's all get ready for Mirage.
  15. For ppl seeking the truth... So if t-ara and hwayoung had a press conference and hwayoung admitted being a diva and acted rash..t-ara speak up and says yes this is exactly the truth hwa is talking about. Will it do hwa or t-ara any good for their future?? Ppl might start to say why would t-ara say this about their own member. And hwa probably got nowhere to go in the entertainment industry then.
  16. Will diadem stand by T-ara? I know I will. Stay strong girls.
  17. Eunjung rap well but this song is made for hwayoung...i feel hwa's style of rapping bring out the song more..and remember Hwa did wrote some of the lyrics to suit her rap style and accent.thats why hyomin not as sure of the rap lyrics.. Anyway get well soon hwayoung..eunjung and hyomin both did great covering soyeon and rapping hwa's parts. Guess this is why they decide to add 2 more..to cover parts of absentees drama acting or sick. Hopefully 2 new ones works hard enough to be of help to t-ara next time.
  18. wow thanks for the effort put in promoting our girls in Venezuela.. if theres gonna be a next time...do help the reporters do a check on the bio.. and names if possible...we hope T-ara to be shown perfect..as they are.
  19. shouldn't be hyomin...she seems to have a sore throat like soyeon during the fan meeting press conference.. Whoever representing will do fine..cant wait to see.
  20. Yeah i agree its getting better with each performance..think they did minor changes on the dance like which few moves and which few doesn't.. but i don't like music bank blocking out the fans....hey its what makes a performance epic. I prefer the Inkigayo comeback....it goes well with the fanchants.
  21. come on guys...singing parts are not decided by members...even if areum is not in t-ara, it does not means qri or boram gets more. now that she is officially a member of t-ara, her priority in everyday life must be t-ara 1st. If she can give up much in life to work hard for t-ara she should be fine..same for dani. And for the recent releases i sincerely feel lines has been distrubuted more fairly...not being biased. Qri and Boram both had significant lines and they did great. Just have to see the growth in T-ara with the new members down the mths to actually judge if anyone is suitable or not.
  22. Hey queen's search for loen entertainment or core contents channel on youtube...it has been released officially in case you dunno where to find it.
  23. Will it be like when they sang DISCO during the dance competition?? They look so damn HOT in those tight clothes and wigs
  24. the link beautifulRobot post include timetolove(almost full). And theres a apple is a rehearsal vid going ard..
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