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  1. Is it bad that I'm still crossing my fingers hoping she wouldn't join T-ARA... uhh.. still couldn't accept it....
  2. the reporter was so stubborn they already advised them to asked question related to drama.. the controversy must really hurt and affecting her. because she tear up after being asked question. Hyomin-ah be strong~ we you...
  3. for some reason i'm actually pissed by the news.. it is really unfair for the 7 member who work hard to get to where they are now and the other 2 new member will just leisurely join the already famous group as the new member which is really unneeded... KKS really annoys me. what does he have problem with t-ara anyways?? to say them as unsuccessful, i highly doubt it cause they are actually quite famous internationally. why mess with a perfectly fine group?? just because they can't speak english and needed an english speaker..?? oh please someone put some reason in the CEO head so he could be a bit reasonable.........
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